Jon&Jul Vietnam is an expert in the fields of consulting, replacement, conversion, and design in the automation industry. With a founding team boasting years of experience in various industries, from packaging, food & beverage, healthcare, and semiconductor electronics to heavy industries such as iron and steel, oil and gas, thermal power, and hydropower. Aligned with the global shift towards sustainable practices, we collaborate with esteemed partners worldwide to advance towards a greener industry, ensuring alignment with evolving trends and fostering long-term & sustainable value. Our key partners come from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and many other countries worldwide, offering a comprehensive range of products, high technology, and certifications to meet the operations of our clients in various challenging environments, including explosive environments, and extreme temperatures. Backed by a team of highly skilled professionals, proficient in languages, economics, and technology, we are dedicated to refining infrastructure to support and provide the best services to our clients. Jon&Jul is committed to continuous improvement and reaching new horizons! At Jon&Jul, we are committed to relentless innovation and expansion, continually pushing the boundaries of excellence.