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1.1.  Laureate™ Frequency, Rate & Period Meter:

The Laureate dual channel frequency, speed and period meter is the basic operating mode of the Laureate counter with FR signal conditioning board. It can display frequencies from 0.005 Hz to 1 MHz, speed in engineering units, and cycles (inverse of frequency). The normal display value can be up to 999,999 counts.

Applicable to AC line frequency, RPM and speed, simultaneous flow rate and sum, arithmetic combination of two channels, custom curve linearization and system level capabilities.

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Laureate™ Frequency, Rate & Period Meter



1. 2 LaureateTM Dual-Channel Pulse Input Totalizer:

The Laureate dual channel gain or loss totalizer is the basic operating mode of the Laureate counter with the FR dual channel signal conditioning board. The six-digit counter display is capable of displaying any value from -999,999 to 999,999 with a programmable decimal point.

Applicable for up/down synthesizer, two-total combiner, up or down counter with preset, time measurement and Rune machine usage, simultaneous and capable totalizer and ratio system supply.

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LaureateTM Dual-Channel Pulse Input Totalizer




1.3 LaureateTM 6-Digit Analog Input Totalizer & Process Meter:

The process gauge and analog input totalizer display six digits of the scale or total when the front panel key is pressed. For applications of flow from a differential pressure transducer, for count-up or count-down controls, for the volume of an irregularly shaped tank, and for process time from Analog speed signal

List of products:

LaureateTM 6-Digit Analog Input Totalizer & Process Meter




1.4 LaureateTM Rate Meter & Totalizer with Functions A+B, AB, AxB, A/B, A/B-1:

Arithmetic functions A+B, A-B, AxB, A/B, A/B-1 applied to channels A & B are Laureates capabilities with expansion counter main board and channel signal conditioning board FR pair. These functions can apply to ratios or totals after scaling to engineering units. The following are examples of applications:

  • Add the two streams (A+B) to get the total flow or total volume.
  • Subtract the two flows (A-B) for the actual flow rate or actual volume.
  • Take the ratio of two flow rates (A/B) to mix chemicals.
  • Take the RPM ratio or belt speed (A/B) to synchronize moving machinery.
  • Subtract 1 from the ratio (A/B-1) to control the elongation of material compressed by rollers (drawn).

Used for controlling the mixing ratio of two liquids, calculating net liquid inflow and outflow, controlling film coating thickness, synchronizing two conveyor lines and measuring elongation.

List of products:

LaureateTM Rate Meter & Totalizer with Functions A+B, A-B, AxB, A/B, A/B-1



1. 5 Pulse Input or Analog Input Batch Controller:

Laureate batch controllers are low-cost, robust and highly accurate for repetitive filling operations. It can use the Laureate FR dual-channel pulse input signal conditioner for use with turbine flow meters or the Laureate V-to-F analog signal conditioner for use with meter signals Conditional flow 4-20 mA, 0-1 mA or 0-10V.

For drum filling applications using two relay outputs, chemical mixing control of materials, count up batch control, count down batch control, for filling and discrete batch counting.

List of products:

Pulse Input or Analog Input Batch Controller



1. 6 Laureate™ 6-Digit Digital Stopwatch & Time :

The FR dual-channel signal conditioning board accepts input from proximity switches with PNP or NPN outputs, TTL or CMOS logic, magnetic pickups, contact closures, and other signals from 12 mV to 250 Vac. Jumper selection provides optimal operation for different sensor types and noise conditions.

Applications for stopwatch mode, timing dynamics, 1/time based scaling, replacement of the oscilloscope with a Laureate meter and equipping the Pulsed Laser system.

List of products:

Laureate™ 6-Digit Digital Stopwatch & Timer


1. 7 Laureate™ AC Power Factor Meter & AC Phase Angle Meter:

The Laureate power factor and phase angle meter uses the Laureate Extended counter main board and the FR dual channel signal conditioning board, accepting AC signals from 12 mV pp to 250 Vrms. It is used to optimize meter input to measure phase angle and power factor, and to use Laureate meters and counters to synchronize motor generators.

List Product: 

Laureate™ AC Power Factor Meter & AC Phase Angle Meter



1. 8 Laureate Laureate Duty Cycle & Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Meter:

Duty cycle is a measure of ON or OFF time as a percentage of total time. The duty cycle is determined by averaging a number of integrals of time intervals over a selectable gate time from 10 ms to 199.99 seconds. Applications for duty cycle and pulse width modulation (PWM), applications in monitoring laser speed and performance.

List of products

Laureate Duty Cycle & Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Meter


1. 9 Laureate™ Quadrature Encoder Input Meter for Bidirectional Position or Rate:

Laureate™ quadrature meter with Standard counter mainboard accepts A & B quadrature signals from shaft encoders or linear encoders to provide a highly accurate, proportional display of position location, length, or angle in engineering units, such as ft, cm, or degrees.

Applications include using quadrature to cut to length, using quadrature to position XY and using quadrature to monitor drilling operations.

Laureate™ Quadrature Encoder Input Meter for Bidirectional Position or Rate



1. 10 MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays:

Viewing distances of up to 320 feet (100 m) are achieved with 8 digits. The general rule is that the viewing distance in feet is 40 times the digit height in inches or in metric terms, the viewing distance in meters is the digit height in millimeters divided by 2.

Indoor or outdoor viewing: MAGNA series displays with normal brightness LEDs can be read on the machine or on the factory floor. The display has outdoor brightness LEDs that can be read on industrial yards, parking lots or roads, for example to show vehicle loads. Optional heater allows outdoor operation in winter in cold climates. Available mounting options are panel mount, wall mount, and wall mount. Environmental protection standards according to IP65 standards (NEMA-4X).

List of products:

MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays


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