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About  Bihl+Wiedemann

Bihl+Wiedemann - a leader in the field of automation and safety technology with AS-Interface (ASi).

We played an important role in the development of each ASi generation. We develop and manufacture complete automation solutions for functional safety and for data communication in machines and plants.

We want to be an innovative partner for our customers, Bihl+Wiedemann now also represented by international sales partners in more than 30 countries, using our development expertise to meet individual requirements.


  • Factory automation
  • Process Automation
  • Building Automation
  • OEM
  • Transportation systems (ship, rail, road)
  • Industrial Automation
  • Packaging Automation
  • Machine tools
  • Material Handling / Drive Control

Bihl+Wiedemann’s complete ASi product portfolio covers Master/Gateways, Modules/Slaves, Safety Components, Bus Couplers/Master Simulators as well as in-house developed software.

  • AS-Interface gateway
    BWU3847, BWU3849, BWU3854, BWU4016, BW4211, BW4229, BWU3053, BWU3058, BWU3312, BWU3051, BWU2546, BWU2545 ….
  • PC Board/ PCB Module
    BWU4061, BW1922, BW2087
  • I/O Module
    BWU2783, BWU3272, BWU3747, BWU3842, BWU3559, BWU3733, BWU2723 …
  • ASi Slaves/IO-Link Masters
    BWU3843, BWU4067, BWU3897, BWU3899, BWU4077, BWU4088, BW4211, BW4229
  • Active Distributors ASi
    BWU3675, BWU3676, BWU3577, BWU3555, BWU3695, BWU3632, BWU3633, BWU3730…
  • Board module
    BWR1566, BWR2782, BWR1443, BWR3189, BWR2393, BWR1957, BWR1421, BWR3067…
  • Building automation
    BW3545, BW3547, BW3550, BW2482, BW2028, BW2029, BW2080, BW3005…
  • Switches/Buttons
    BW2773, BW2529, BW2709, BW2585, BW3159, BW2528, BW2708…
  • Safety Monitor
    BWU2567, BWU2700, BWU2852, BW2512, BWU2822, BWU2793…
  • Safety I/O Modules
    BWU1939, BWU2724, BWU2661, BWU2577, BWU3013, BWU2707, BWU3671…
  • Speed Monitors
    BWU2849, BWU2427, BWU2595, BWU2852, BWU2700, BWU3860

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