APA 6900W conveyor metal detector Sanko Vietnam

Introducing Sanko Vietnam APA 6900W conveyor metal detector

  • With the new method of detection that eliminates external noise, inspection can be performed without worrying about
    the surrounding environment.

  • Belt speed with 39m/min. allows iron detection to operate more effectively (50/60Hz).

  • By placing the detection elements in an inverted V shape, the difference in sensitivity depending on the directions (disorder directions) of the needle passing through the detector is reduced, making detection possible. Small broken needles.

Detect metal needles or fragments, nails, cutlery in clothes, sewing clothes, children's clothes, sports clothes, food, medical supplies, semi-finished products, finished products.

Technical specifications APA 6900W conveyor metal detector Sanko Vietnam

Detection method


Detection ability

Steel ball φ0.8(100mm high), φ1.0(140mm high),φ1.2(170mm high)

Detection Area / Passing Width


Pass height

120mm (with instructions: pass height 110mm)

140mm (with instructions: pass height 130mm)

170mm (with instructions: pass height 160mm)

Alarm devices

Horn, lights, belt stop (with reverse function)

Belt speed

39m/min. (50/60HZ)

Energy sources

AC100~240V 50/60Hz 300VA


1055(D)×1055±50(H)×2800(W) ・・・detecting height 120mm

1055(D)×1075±50(H)×2800(W) ・・・detecting height 140mm

1055( D)×1105 ±50(H)×2800(W) ・・・ detecting height 170mm


about 390Kg

Pass line



SW emergency stop, SW foot, SW remote


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