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Atrax Group with over 35 years establishment,We are the world leader in the design, manufacture, integration and support of a full range of industrial weighing, measurement and related control systems for the Airport and Logistics industries. Our product range are trusted and used appearance in over 800 airport sites across 160 countries.

Our products used in the airport baggage, cargo and express parcel industries protect our customer’s revenue and enhance operational efficiencies. Our collaborative partnership approach ensures on time and successful project outcomes. Our specialist expertise gives our clients the benefits of innovative design solutions and cost effective dedicated high volume manufacturing. Atrax’s market proven products are rigorously tested both internally and by independent auditors and have gained approval by regulatory bodies all around the world.

In addition to our comprehensive suite of products and services our research and development teams are always available to solve your challenges and those of tomorrow.

Atrax Product range

Airport baggage scales

Cargo Scales


Control products

1/ Atrax ABS960+ Check-in Conveyor Scales: fast, accurate, efficient and affordable


With product in 150 countries, the Atrax ABS960+ Check-in Conveyor baggage scale is a common sight at airport check-ins, with an average of 20 people per second using one of over 30,000 Atrax scales in use worldwide.

The ABS960+ Check-in Conveyor Scale units are divided into three main components:

Scale base

Operator display, and

Passenger display.

Each component is connected together with a single cable and the displays can be located to suit the check-in counter layout. All connections are plug in, so no on-site wiring is necessary. A description of each component is given below.

Scale base

A typical Atrax scale base is shown below, modified for the dimensions to suit client check-in conveyors.

The Atrax baggage scale base is designed to adapt to your baggage handling system, not vice versa. For more than 20 years and around the world, many different types of conveyors have been fitted to the Atrax scale bases. The design of the Atrax scale base, coupled with the experience of our designers, means that the base will accommodate most sizes of motorised conveyor (provided by others), which is essential for flexibility of check-in counter layout and conveyor design.

All Atrax scales use our OIML and NTEP approved high-precision load cells to guarantee accuracy, repeatability and reliability.




Atrax ABS960+ scale electronics with dual displays for operator and passenger. Fitted to the top of the platform is a heavy duty stainless steel cover pan which provides an attractive and durable weighing surface.

All Atrax static scales use our OIML and NTEP approved high precision load cells to guarantee accuracy, repeatability and reliability. Height of the scale is 125mm (+- 10mm by means of adjustable feet which allow easy levelling and height adjustment on site).


  • Both single point and four load cell versions are available in smaller sizes
  • Attractive and durable stainless steel cover pan
  • Height adjustable levelling feet
  • High performance shear beam load cells
  • Free standing or fitted into bag wells
  • Compatible with Atrax displays
  • Optional floor-mounted pedestal and housing for displays
  • Motorised conveyor models also available

3/ Extended Operator Panels

The Atrax Extended Operator Panel is a functional add-on to the ABS960+ Check-in Conveyor Scales.

This is a stainless steel panel surrounding the operator panel, and which contains controls and a key switch pertaining to check-in agent operation of the check-in conveyor.

Typical components could include:

  • On-off switch for the check-in station.
  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop).
  • Illuminated or non-illuminated push buttons for functions such as belt advance, belt reverse, jam reset, oversize reset, bag release, tub load etc.
  • The required number of AS-i modules relative to the specified components.



4/ Digital Cabin Bag Check Units


Atrax’s Digital Cabin Bag Check Unit means you don’t have to waste time with problems caused by oversized cabin baggage. Help passengers get their carry-on size and weight right, with this modern and cost-effective cabin bag dimensioning unit. The stylish, sleek design of this robust unit will enhance airport environments and save airport operations both time and money.


  • Helps passengers quickly ensure their cabin baggage meets airline requirements prior to check-in.
  • Eliminates size disputes with its fixed dimension bag cage and a large, easy to read digital display with fast and accurate weighing.
  • Can be used prior to check-in and at boarding gates to identify non-compliant carry- on bags.
  • Is battery operated with easily sourced D-cell batteries, meaning no power cables or electrical outlet constraints.

5/ Passenger Self-Check Scale


Atrax passenger self-check scale unit

Designed for use prior to check-in, Atrax’s modern, digital, battery powered self-check scales unit give passengers a simple and timely way of ensuring the checked bags are not over weight limit.

Self-check scales features

The user-friendly and robust passenger self-check scale unit exhibits the following features:

  • Assists passengers to reduce or redistribute weight between bags should it be necessary.
  • Speeds up check-in by increasing the number of passengers with compliant baggage.
  • Assists airlines and airport staff to ensure that baggage complies with airline requirements.
  • Is attractive and durable, yet lightweight and easy to move.


6/Atrax Scale System

Atrax  scale system is made up from four different groups of scale components and the system designer must select the appropriate components from each group to best suit the application. Atrax scale components are widely compatible and can be individually selected to create the optimum scale solution. The components can also be used with other scale equipment to upgrade older or existing scale systems.

7.Heavy Duty Scale Decks

Heavy duty cargo platform scales (‘Pit Scales’) designed for rigorous use and the heavy weights of airport cargo applications where accuracy and reliable weighing are essential.

Heavy duty cargo scale decks are suitable for drive-over use with forklifts, airport tugs and dollies or similar mobile equipment. They are typically mounted in shallow pits to be flush with floor but are equally suited to above ground installations


8/ Loadcell


Accurate weighing starts with load cells. The weight sensor converts the weight force into an electric signal for the digital weight indicator to process. Atrax has a full range of load cells and weigh modules from a few grams to hundreds of tonnes, for everything from simple scale applications to complex high speed in-motion dynamic weighing machines.

Single Ended Shear Beam

Atrax single ended shear beam | 400x200

Alloy Steel

  • *100; *200; *300; 500kg; 1t; 2t; 2.5t; 3t; 5t; 10t; 20t
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • *non-OIML

Double Ended Shear Beam

Atrax double ended shear beam | 400x200

Alloy Steel

  • 1K; 1.5K; 2.5K; 5K; 10K; 15K; 25K; 35K; 50K; 75K; 100K; 125K; 200K; 300Klb
  • Protection Class: IP67

Single Point

Atrax 1 single point | 400x200


  • 50; 75; 100; 150; 200; 250; 300; *500; *635; *660kgs
  • Protection Class: IP66
  • *non-OIML

Canister / Compression

Atrax 3 canister/compression | 400x200

Stainless Steel

  • 10t; 20t; 30t; 40t; 50t
  • Protection Class: IP66 and IP68

9/ Load Cell Mount Assemblies

Build a weighing system with Atrax load cell and mount assemblies

Atrax load cell and mount assemblies may be incorporated into most structures to create a weighing system. A separate rigid structure such as a ball, castor, or roller deck can be placed on top of four or more Atrax mounts to form a weighing platform. The load cell mounts can be installed in a pit (e.g. flush mount floor scale or work station), above ground, on a scissor lift or embedded in moving equipment like a transfer vehicle (TV) or elevating transfer vehicle (ETV).


  • Mount accepts Atrax shear beam load cells 500kg, 1,000kg and 2,000kg capacity.
  • Built in horizontal and uplift travel restraint.
  • Integrated transportation overload stops for shipping.
  • Low profile – overall height 97mm.
  • Four mount system suits scales from 100kg to 5 tonne.









  • Mount accepts Atrax double ended shear beam load cell 12.5 tonne (25Klb) Higher capacities by request.
  • Self-aligning suspensions link with built in travel restraint.
  • Overall height 222mm.
  • Four mount system suits scales from 10 to 40 tonne.
  • Six mount system suitable for up to 60 tonne scales.


  • Mount accepts Atrax shear beam load cell 2.5t, 3t and 5 tonne capacity.
  • Built in horizontal and uplift travel restraint.
  • Low profile. Overall height 109mm.
  • Also available in narrow mount variation to fit between rollers in low height roller decks.
  • Four mount systems suits scales from 3 to 15 tonne.
  • Six mount system suitable for 20 tonne scales.

10/ CDI-1600 Digital Weight Indicator

A digital weight indicator for modern air cargo and express parcel operations

The Atrax CDI-1600 Advanced Multi-Function Digital Weight Indicator was developed specifically to meet the needs of modern air cargo and express parcel operations.
System designers can standardise on the CDI-1600 throughout the cargo facility, simplifying user training, parts holding, maintenance and support thereby lowering costs for the owner.

A large colour TFT high-contrast graphics display makes the CDI-1600 very easy to read at a glance with big digits and clear presentation. This full graphics display simplifies set-up and maintenance menus, sophisticated functions can be configured with ease.


The Atrax CDI-1600 Digital Weight Indicator exhibits the following features:

  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • Large colour TFT high contrast display
  • Weight digits from 20 mm to 40 mm high
  • Air cargo data entry/capture enabled (full alphanumeric)
  • Configurable operating modes & user prompts
  • Display up to TWO scales simultaneously (Scale 1, Scale 2 & Total)
  • Power for up to 10 load cells (per scale) at 350 ohm each
  • Expanded 27-Key keyboard with navigation arrows
  • Internal audible piezo buzzer, key press feedback
  • PS2 Qwerty keyboard interface
  • Barcode reader interface
  • Programmable printout data/ticket formats
  • Time & date internal real-time clock
  • 3x digital inputs plus 3 x digital outputs (expandable)
  • Ethernet communications port onboard (network enabled)
  • USB Serial Port – connects with peripherals or memory sticks
  • Two onboard serial ports (RS232 or RS485) expandable
  • Tilt stand or panel mounted

11/ Model 920i Programmable Indicator

Robust and versatile digital weight indicator for the most demanding weighing applications

The Atrax Model 920i Programmable Digital Weight Indicator incorporates the best features from digital weight indicators, PLCs and computers. Add more robust electronics, a crisp graphical display and programmable soft keys inside an almost indestructible stainless steel enclosure and you have an extremely versatile digital weight indicator unit. For more seamless communication with external devices a USB port is available, and optional TCP/IP Ethernet interface is also available.


  • Large ( 116.8mm W x 86.4mm H) backlit LCD graphic display
  • Selectable character sizes up to 30mm high
  • Multiple configurable operator prompts
  • Five soft keys with 10 user defined functions
  • Panel mount available
  • Multi range
  • Alibi storage
  • IP66 stainless steel enclosure
  • Selectable A/D measurement rate up to 960/second
  • Two slots for option cards (e.g. TCP/IP)
  • Power for 16, 350 Ohm load cells

12/ 1280 Enterprise Digital Weight Indicator

Model 1280 Enterprise Digital Weight Indicator

The Atrax Model 1280 Enterprise Digital Weight Indicator is an advanced multi-function digital weight indicator, with multiple connectivity options, inputs for up to 8 scales and multi-interval weighing functions. Use this indicator for specialised applications which require special programming or diverse communication options such as Profinet or Wi-fi.


The Atrax Model 1280 Enterprise Digital Weight Indicator exhibits the following features:

  • Vibrant colour LCD touchscreen
  • Customisable graphical user interface
  • On-screen keyboard available during entry mode or use an external keyboard
  • Multi-language operation and text entry
  • Keypad for scale operations, numeric entry and navigation
  • Able to power up to four scales (350 Ohm load cells)
  • Multi-range/interval weighing functions
  • Alibi memory
  • Two RS-232 and RS-485 serial ports
  • USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® also standard (Profinet optional)
  • IP69 rating for universal and panel mounts





13/ Model 480 Plus Digital Weight Indicator

Ideal for connecting to Atrax platform scales, the Atrax Model 480 Plus Digital Weight Indicator represents a great balance between performance and value.


  • Large 20.3mm LED display, 6 digit
  • Sealed to IP66
  • Menu keys for tare, unit ID, accumulator, time and date, setpoints, serial communications and print formats
  • Time and date
  • 8 setpoints
  • Password protection for configuration changes
  • RS-232 and 20mA ports
  • Size 241.3 x 152.4 x 69.9mm
  • Temperature range -10 to 40°C
  • Flat membrane panel keyboard with embossed keys

14/ LFD-2048 Large Figure Display – Màn Hình hiển thị Cỡ Lớn Lfd - 2048


The Atrax LFD-2048+ can display symbols and alpha numeric messages in various colours. Push buttons can easily be wired to the available digital inputs so that pre-selected messages are momentarily displayed on activation. For example, in a truck scale application, an operator could press a remote button on their desk to override the current truck weight displayed with the message “Go” or show a green arrow symbol for 10 seconds to convey to the truck driver it is safe to proceed. This would avoid the necessity for an additional expensive traffic light system.

This remote display can have up to three individually addressed units on the RS-485 multi-drop bus to display weights of scale A, scale B and total weight of A + B. Perfect for individual display of truck, trailer and total combined weights.

Constructed in corrosion resistant extruded aluminium, the LFD-2048+is highly durable. An optional weather shield is also available for outdoor installations.

VESA and pole-mounting options are available for maximum installation versatility.











16/ AS-i Ex-OP Module

The Atrax AS-i Interface Modules are AS-i I/O modules with four inputs and up to four outputs.

There are two versions of the AS-i modules; the AS-i GEN I/O Module and the AS-i Ex OP Module. The difference between the two versions is the connection
technology. The AS-i GEN I/O Module is equipped with screw terminals whereas the AS-i Ex OP Module is installed with pluggable connections for actuators and sensors.


  • Slave module with extended addressing for up to 62 slaves.
  • Communication monitoring.
  • LEDs to indicate the current switching state of inputs, outputs, auxiliary supply, AS-i supply and any AS-i fault.
  • Easy installation.
  • AS-i version 2.11 and 3.0 with extended addressing mode. Extremely compact design and convenient mounting enables miniaturisation.


17/ CCN-8 CONVEYOR CONTROL NODE - Nút điều khiển băng tải (CCN-8)

A dedicated soft-start conveyor controller providing a truly ‘plug & play’ solution.

The Atrax CCN-8 SoftDrive Conveyor Control Node is a solid-state, soft start motor control device which allows for check-in conveyors to be completely assembled, wired and tested in the factory prior to shipping to site – resulting in a truly ‘plug & play’ solution.


  • Plug & play
  • Faster, cheaper site installation
  • Simplifies design & purchasing
  • Smooth & quiet operation


The Atrax CCN-8 SoftDrive exhibits the following features:

  • Soft-start AC motor control for smooth, quiet operation
  • Front-panel manual control for convenient belt tracking
  • Economical distributed control saves space
  • Available in AS-i and PROFINET variants
  • Rugged enclosure
  • Firmware options for local intelligence
  • Switched brake control
  • Support for up to 4 sensors (2 external sensor channels mapped via AS-i)
  • Configurable auxiliary I/O
  • USB configuration and diagnostic capability


Atrax’s series of plastic control stations house controls components including push buttons, E-Stops, AS-i safe modules, selector or key switches, and indicator lamps.


Atrax has developed a series of control stations, ancillary to the weighing and dimensioning technology Atrax is well known for.

These plastic control stations house controls components such as push buttons (illuminated or non-illuminated), E-Stops (illuminated or non-illuminated), AS-i safe modules if required for the E-Stops, selector or key switches, or indicator lamps.

Durable decals printed with the component action and client logo (upon request) are provided, and units without the AS-i modules can also be provided for hard-wired versions.

The control stations are assembled, tested and packed in our factory, with easy client connection to the convenient AS-i connection.

Sizes available

Four sizes of control stations are available as follows:

  1. Large (145 x 195 x 87.5mm) for up to 8 components
  2. Intermediate (105 x 195 x 87.5mm) for up to 4
  3. Small – Low Profile (105 x 105 x 67.5mm) for up to 2 components (non AS-i)

19/ RVSS Rotating Volumetric Scanning System


Fast and accurate pallet and cargo dimensioning

Scanatrax is a static pallet and cargo dimensioning system that delivers fast, accurate and reliable results, with full after-sales support.


Scanatrax is designed, built and supported by Atrax, the global leader in freight weighing, dimensioning and related control systems for the airport and logistics industries.

  • Single-post mount for the smallest footprint & simple installation
  • Rotating lasers for a fast, accurate scan
  • Tolerates bright light, shadow & dust
  • Easy interface to existing equipment & host systems
  • Trade-approved measurements
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