Conveyor metal detector SC1 750 Sanko Vietnam

Introducing Sanko Vietnam SC1 750 Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

  • Easy to operate with large screen.

  • Capable of storing 100k copies of robust inspection/inspection records and importing data to USB.

  • Control with check, detect and pass access functions.

  • Safe testing with test lock, detect and pass function.

  • Able to display/print historical data on PC using specialized software.

Garment products such as knitwear, fabrics, blankets.

Clothing products such as shoulder pads, hats, towels, stuffed animals.

Technical specifications Conveyor metal detector SC1 750 Sanko Vietnam

Detection method

Electromagnetic induction

Detection ability

Steel ball φ1.0
Stainless steel φ2.5

Detection Area / Passing Width


Pass height

Standard 230mm (with instructions: pass height220mm)

Alarm devices

Horn, lights, belt stop (with reverse function)

Belt speed

25m/min. (50Hz), 30m/min (60HZ)

Energy sources

AC100~240V 50/60Hz about 300VA




about 300Kg

Pass line



Bell Mouth Guide, Emergency Stop Switch,
Foot Switch Remote Switch


Single head


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