- Elektromeccanica DELTA and its brand Deltapumps and Elektrogas are leading manufacturers of gear oil pumps and safety control valves, exported in more than 60 countries in the world.Deltapumps brand is focused on gear pumps for fuel oil in cooperation with Fuelmaster Mfg Co. (NL).

- Elektrogas brand is for the sector of gas appliances with a wide and complete range of solenoid valves for safety and control in combustion processes.

- The study of innovative solutions and the application of new technologies make it possible for continuous improvement of the complete range of products and, in many cases, an increase of their performance.

1. Elektrogas Products:

  • Automatic Safety Valves
  • Manual Reset Safety Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Gas Regulation
  • Valve Proving Systems
  • Filtering
  • Gas Trains
  • Accessories : Pressure switch, Pressure gauges, Burner control system, Quantometers, globe valve, closure switch

2. Delta PUMP Product:

  • Oil burners pump : A – AD type, VU Type, VD Type, VM Type
  • Electrical solenoid valve : EV-F84 type

3. Application:

  • Chemical Industry: Pump for dosing and mixing of aggressive chemical substances/
  • Hydraulic Operators: Tranfer oil pump fitted into hydraulic operators for swing-leaf gates
  • Automotive Heating: Fuel oil pump integrated into a small water heater for motor vehicles
  • Military Applications: Low pressure fuel pump fitted in a special oil burner designed for U.S. Army

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