Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine K28 Cypet Vietnam

Introducing Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine K28 Cypet Vietnam

CYPET K28 is a fully automatic single-stage stretch blow injection molding machine, capable of producing finished containers directly from PET plastic.

This system uses CYPET's patented technology, using only two stations, one for PET preform injection molding and the second for stretch blow molding of PET containers. Its clamping force of 280 tonnes allows great flexibility in the production of containers up to 50Ltr in size, with neck diameters up to 200mm.

Highly optimized, energy-saving auxiliary hydraulic technology as well as the use of an air recovery system as standard reduces energy consumption by up to 40% (0.31kWh/kg finished bottle) .

The machine's large clamping force and platen size enable molds with deeper cavities to achieve higher output with less investment than conventional technologies.

The die's hot runner is naturally balanced, allowing consistent die filling for any workpiece weight, and has a control valve to eliminate wire breakage.

Bottle ejection occurs via standard free-drop or optionally via an automatic bottle pick-up system onto the conveyor for further processing.

Production capacity Injection Stretch Blow Molding Machine K28 Blow molding machine Cypet Vietnam

The machine can mold different types of PET containers, such as water bottles, stackable cooking oil containers, wide-mouth jars, personal care containers, drums, etc. Mid-sized containers jar (5 liter or larger), can be molded into the handle on the neck - saving the hassle of assembling the handle on the outside.

CYPET K28 can also be used as a standard injection molding machine for a variety of flexible plastics, helping to minimize the risk of investing in the machine and maximize its utility.

All electric versions

The all-electric version is the CYPET K30E, which has similar capabilities to the K28 and is also suitable for cleanroom applications.

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