Sanko Vietnam APA 1500F conveyor belt metal detector

Introducing Sanko Vietnam APA 1500F conveyor metal detector

  • Checks are most suitable for large items such as bedding, dresses, etc

  • Pleasant/easy to operate with large color LCD touch panel

  • Control inspection/test record data

  • Three languages: Japanese, English and Chinese are available

  • Check safety with password lock function

Detecting thrown/broken iron needles on beds (mattresses, mattresses, pillows, blankets) and skirts

Note: use (NC product) for accessories that come with clothing.

Technical specifications of Sanko Vietnam APA 1500F Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

Detection method


Detection ability

Steel balls φ1,2,φ1,5,φ2,5

Detection Area / Passing Width


Pass height

Standard 150mm (with instructions: pass height130mm)

Alarm devices

Horn, lights, belt stop (with reverse function)

Belt speed

25m/min. (50Hz, 60Hz)

Energy sources

AC200~380V, 3 phase 50/60Hz about 600VA




about 700Kg

Pass line



Foot SW, Remote SW, Auxiliary SW
Use single belt with specifications


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