EC5900R Ohkura Vietnam digital controller

Introducing EC5900R Ohkura Vietnam

Model EC5900R is a digital programmer/controller that provides flexible control by storing 400-step programs (up to 100 steps per pattern) and up to 19 patterns. Full comments are displayed on a 16-character × 4-line display in the center of the device allowing for ease of operation and high functionality. The program template's graphical indicators help you directly monitor the progress of a process.

Features of EC5900R Ohkura Vietnam

■ Human-friendly operation and display
● LCD display (wide temperature range product) 16 characters and 4 lines
●Graphic display of program pattern
● Excellent operability by display comments
● Simultaneously display process variables, setpoints, residual time and other related information data
■ This is a product line including one channel type and two
channel types
1 basic model channel type : EC5900R
Model basic 2-channel type : EC5950R
■ Full program function
● Mass program max. 400 steps and 19 patterns
● DO : Max. 15 points, DI : Max. 12 points
● Time unit : Conversion allowed program time unit (minute/second)
● Program pattern can be easily edited with step delete/insert function and pattern delete/copy function
■ High accuracy: ± (0.1% + 1 digit)
Multi-input (Thermocouple, RTD, Voltage or Current),
Multi-output (Current, SSR controller, Relay)
■ Anti-overshoot control
■ Multi-PID , Programmable PID , Multiple Output Limiting, Programmed Output Limiting
■ Easy replacement from EC5600S/EC5900A (They are following the terminal arrangement community for functionality and operability)


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