EC5700R Gate unit  Ohkura Việt Nam

Introducing EC5700R Ohkura Vietnam


GU2000C is a gate unit that receives control input signals (controller output) and outputs SCR control pulses. Small in size and lightweight, it can perform activation reliably with low to high currents.


Features of EC5700R Ohkura Vietnam

■Operation can be switched between automatic and manual.
Operation can be switched between automatic and manual using external connections. Output can be controlled by external volume regardless of controller output.

■Source response types are also available.
Power feedback type devices that can control load power depending on the control input are also available.

■Using impedance pulses
Impedance pulses are used for trigger pulses, allowing reliable triggering with low to high currents.

■Equipped with soft starter as standard
The unit is equipped with soft starter as standard and can be used even with transformer loads.

■Triacs can also be controlled
In addition to thyristor elements, triac elements can also be controlled.


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