VM7000A Ohkura Vietnam paperless recorder

Introducing VM7000A Ohkura Vietnam paperless recorder

The VM7000A is a paperless recorder that displays measured data on an LCD screen in real time and stores data in an SD memory card.

Input type such as thermocouple, resistance temperature probe, DC voltage (current), etc. can be selected for each channel (up to 12 channels available).

Data stored in the SD memory card can be reproduced on the monitor and, using the supplied supporting software, the data can also be reproduced on the PC monitor.

Data recorded in CSV format can be read directly in a spreadsheet such as Excel, facilitating processing on a PC. (Data recorded in binary format cannot be read.)

Features  VM7000A Ohkura Vietnam paperless recorder

■ Easy operation with touch panel providing intuitive user interface

■ Equipped with large capacity built-in memory.
Measurement data can only be stored in the main body for about 3 weeks. (input: 6 channels, data write cycle: 1 second, file write cycle: 1 day, binary only,
max/min value)

■ SD memory card used as storage medium .
SD/SDHC memory cards are a standard of memory cards used as external storage media.

■ Multi-screen presentation
Depending on the measurement object, the most suitable display format can be selected from a variety of formats including bar graph display, trend display, digital display, etc.

■ Calculation function
Calculation function where the data obtained from DI and communication say nothing about arithmetic operations and the adjustment function accounts for the input that can be recorded when measurements are set .

■ PC support software is supplied as standard.
Parameter loading software allows easy display and changing of set data, and data viewing software helps reproduce data stored on the supplied SD memory card. issued according to

■ Compact size and lightness
150 (W) × 144 (H) × 181.8 (D) mm (With terminal stand cover.)
Weight approximately 1.0kg (6-channel input, no options )

■ 12 recording channels
22 thermocouple ranges, 4 resistance temperature detector ranges, and 8 DC voltage/current input ranges can be recorded in up to 12 channels.

■ Ethernet functions such as
standard FTP, Web server, SNTP and Modbus TCP functions are available.

■ Communication (Optional)
Modbus RS-485 communication is available.

Measurement range


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