GS3000R THYRISTOR UNIT Ohkura Vietnam

Features of GS3000R Ohkura Vietnam

■Multi-input (Current or Voltage)
■Available in Resistive Load and Inductive Load
■Three feedback types selectable (No feedback, current feedback, power feedback)
■Selectable choose two control types (Phase control, Cycle control)
■Wide product range from 20A to 600A,100V to 440V
■Protection functions include fast fuse and built-in thyristor shutdown gate
■Cooling fan integrated for models with rated current above 150A
■Various functions (Soft start , Current limit, Start output limit, etc.)
■ High tolerance for harmonic noise from power supply


Input Signal 4 to 20mA DC or 1 to 5V DC
Performance Current Rating 20,30,45,60,80,100,150,250,350,450,600A
Cooling system 20 to 100A :Heat-sink more than 150A :Heat-sink + cooling fan
Applicable Load Resistance Load Inductive Load (When Phase Control: Control of Primary Side of a Transformer, Magnetic Flux Density 1.2T or less) 
  Insulation Resistance 20MΩ or more (at 500V)
  Withstanding Voltage Voltage Rating 100 to 240V AC:2000V AC for 1 min Voltage Rating 380 to 440V AC:2500V AC for 1 min
  Normal Operating Conditions Ambient Temperature : -10 to 50℃ Ambient Humidity : 20 to 90%RH (Non Condensing)
Function Control Method Phase Control or Cycle Control
  Output Voltage Range 0 to 98% of Power Supply Voltage
  Feedback Type Without Feedback, Current Feedback, Power Feedback
  Over Current Protection Thyristor Gate-off (About 130% or more of Current Rating)
  Soft-Start 1 to 20 sec
  Output Adjustment Standard :Internal Span Adjustment Option :External Span Adjustment, Base Adjustment, Manual Adjustment, External + Manual Adjustment, External + Base Adjustment
  Alarm Over Current, Abnormal Heat-sink Temperature , Rapid Fuse Melting, Heater Break (Option)
  Option Output Limit, Heater Break, Analog Transmitter
  Voltage Rating 100 to 110, 110 to 120, 200 to 220, 220 to 240, 380 to 400, 400 to 440V AC
  Frequency Rating 50/60Hz (Automatic Detection)
Construction Dimensions Refer to the Figure Below

20,30,40,60A : Approx. 4kg

80,100,150,250A : Approx. 7kg

350,450A : Approx. 11kg

600A : Approx. 13kg



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