EC5700R Ohkura Vietnam digital controller

Introducing EC5700R Ohkura Vietnam


The EC1200 can fully control and monitor with high precision such as temperature, temperature balance (∆T), ambient gas, soak time and processing time required to achieve stability and Improve productivity and quality of work. The EC1200 uses a large TFT color liquid crystal display as the human interface (HMl) to enable graphical touch operation, providing a much better operating environment than conventional models. The EC1200 is an advanced programmable controller with high-precision control capabilities and an excellent operating environment realized by multiple functions for high-performance heat treatment.

Features of EC5700R Ohkura Vietnam


■Comprehensive control of high-performance heat treatment system

Working temperature balance control (∆T) and profile control enable significant working temperature control.

Ambient Gas:
Programming analog retransmission output in parallel with temperature control allows ambient gas detection and density control using mass flow controller, etc.

Reliable uniform heating:
Continuous monitor electric heater resistance with the Heater Monitor; model ZE7201, and its useful warning function works to prevent wear and tear of the electric heater, then ensures uniform heating of the job.

Hold time:
Hold time is activated and begins with temperature equalization for the surface and core of the material to ensure uniform sintering treatment.

■“Various input/output functions
control input (1 ~ 3ch), precision analog input (for configuration, ∆T control: up to 3 inputs)

input control output (1 ~ 3ch), analog retransmission (output for configuring mass flow controller, etc.: 3 outputs max.)

16 points max.

per Communication Interface:
RS-232C, RS-422A, GP-IB

Extended Functions:

■ Multi-channel control up to 3 channels per device
Control channels:
Programmable control up to 3 zones per device.
Up to 18 channels can be controlled with ARCNET® (Control up to 6 units)

■“Diversity of program loops
4 program link controls
  (E.g. Temperature, gas and pressure)
Control program deviation control
  (Example: 3-zone temperature control)
3 independent control programs
  (Example: Independent oven control)

■“High efficiency
High accuracy: ± 0.05%+ 1 digits
High resolution: 0.01°C (Pt 100, JPt 100)

■”Large full-color TFT liquid crystal display (103 × 75mm )
Allows the operator to quickly view control results on the screen Real-time trends.
Easily program input data with graphical templates on the same screen.

■“IC memory card program template
, PID constant, parameters, SET data can be stored.

■“UL, CSA safety standards


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