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 1. Laureate™ XLog2 Datalogging Software:

A flexible data logging system is created when a PC running Laurel's XLog2 data logging software is connected to a Laureate meter (DPM, counter or timer) and transmitter. Recorded data can be recorded as a text file or MS Excel written directly to disk. It can also be displayed by the PC as up to 64 emulated consoles in up to 4 groups (or screens) of up to 16 meters each. Users can select the on-screen location and appearance of each meter to create meaningful groupings.

List of products:

Laureate™ XLog2 Datalogging Software



2. Model IPC Splashproof Cover:

Model IPC Splashproof Cover is a rugged, impact-resistant, clear lens that fits tightly onto a 1/8 DIN device to make it resistant to dust and water from the front of the panel. The seal meets NEMA 12 (IP52) standards for splash and dust resistance when the hinged door is simply installed in place. The seal meets NEMA 4 (IP67) standards for water entering the faucet when the hinged door is clamped further with the included M3 x 10mm screws.

Model IPC fits all Laurel 1/8 DIN tools as well as other manufacturers' 1/8 DIN tools.

List of products:

Model IPC Splashproof Cover



3. 1/8 DIN Wall-Mount Enclosure:

Model BOX1 is a bulkhead/wall-mounted enclosure that provides IP65/NEMA-4X environmental protection for 1/8 DIN equipment. It comes with a 1/8 DIN (45 x 92 mm) panel and accommodates tools up to 134.5 mm (5.30") deep including connectors. It includes all Laurel Electronics DIN 1/8 tools and most other brands DIN 1/8 tools Manufacturer of.

List of products:

1/8 DIN Wall-Mount Enclosure



4. Laurelate Cable Assemblies & Adapters:

CBL01 : RS232 Cable for Meter

+ CBL02 : USB-to-RS232 Adapter Cable

+CBL03 : RS485 Data Cable for Meters

+ CBL04 : RS232 Cable for LT Transmitters

CBL05 : USB Data Cable for Meters

CBL06 : USB-to-RS485 Adapter Cable

CBL07 : USB Programming & Data Cable

CBL08 : RS485 Splitter Cable

BKBD: RS485 RJ11 to Terminal Block Adapter

List of products:

Laureate Cable Assemblies & Adapters


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