Addressable Remote Displays

  • MAGNA Large-Digit Remote Displays:

Viewing distances of up to 320 feet (100 m) are achieved with 8 digits. The general rule is that the viewing distance in feet is 40 times the digit height in inches or in metric terms, the viewing distance in meters is the digit height in millimeters divided by 2.

Indoor or outdoor viewing: MAGNA series displays with normal brightness LEDs can be read on the machine or on the factory floor. The display has outdoor brightness LEDs that can be read on industrial yards, parking lots or roads, for example to show vehicle loads. Optional heater allows outdoor operation in winter in cold climates. Available mounting options are panel mount, wall mount, and wall mount. Environmental protection standards according to IP65 standards (NEMA-4X).

MAGNA Large-Digit Remote Displays

Màn hình từ xa chữ số lớn dòng MAGNA



  • Laureate™ Serial Input 6-Digit Panel Meter & Remote Display:

The Laureate™ Remote Display (or Serial Input Meter) is a secondary display that accepts RS232, RS485, USB, or Ethernet data from a computer, programmable controller, Laureate device, or other device with serial data output. They can also provide relay closing functionality and analog output based on the readings received. They combine with 1/8 DIN Laureate digital gauges, counters and timers to provide digital display from -999.999 to +999.999.

Laureate's gauges, counters and timers allow their display to be duplicated in streaming mode using the Laureate Remote Display, which can be used to display multiple parameters collected by the same counter. 

Laureate™ Serial Input 6-Digit Panel Meter & Remote Display