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Introducing NEXiS CS2G CAP Series ProtonProducts Vietnam



Proton Products' NEXiS ® CS2G-CAP controller    is used on a wire insulation extrusion line.

The NEXiS ® CS2G-CAP controller    connects to    Proton Products'   InteliSENS  ® Capacitance Meter  as well as Speed ​​and Length Meter   to measure insulation capacitance and line speed respectively. These measurements are then fed into a PI feedback controller with a floating and fully isolated output that can be used to control an insulation extruder or capct drive.

Therefore, the insulation capacitance is actively controlled by the NEXiS ® CS2G-CAP controller    and maintained within the allowable tolerance level.

Configuring the NEXiS  ®   CS2G-CAP production line

CS2G-CAP flow diagram


Screen 2-row, 7-segment, 5-digit display – Top row 0.8” (20.32mm) high; bottom row 0.5” (12.7mm) high
Screen resolution 0,1pF/m
presets Capacitance required Tolerance above Lower tolerance Capacitance error Output control %
Serial communication RS232 USB CANbus – (for connection to 1× CG current meter)
Line speed input Similar Two inputs are available for 0 to 10V and 0 to 50V analog line rate signals; the end user can configure the rate
Pulse Two inputs are available for 0 to 3V and 0 to 10V pulse line speed signals; Maximum frequency 250 kHz; the end user can configure the rate
3×Relay contact output Function Capacitance meter OK Exceed the above tolerance Lower tolerance exceeds
Electricity Maximum voltage 50VDC / 30VAC
Maximum current 500mA
About resistance (@100mA) <0,1Ω
Turn off resistance > 10MΩ
Analog output 1 Function Capacitance measurement
Electricity Output voltage range 0V to +10V
Maximum output current 2mA
Resolution 16-bit
The end user can configure the output voltage scale
Analog output 2 Function Capacitance deviation
Electricity Output voltage range -10V to +10V
Maximum output current 2mA
Resolution 16-bit
The end user can configure the output voltage scale
Control algorithm Advanced Control Algorithm (ACA)
Indication minimum Featured Max Units
Weight     2,5 Kg
    5,5 lb
Length     230 mm
    9.1 inch
Width     213.1 mm
    8,4 inch
Height     128,5 mm
    5.1 inch
Supply voltage (rms) 84   264 VAC
Power frequency 47   440 Hz
Supply current (rms)     1 ONE
Energy consumption     35 IN
Ambient temperature 5   45 °C
41   113 ° F
Relative humidity @ 38°C / 105°F     90 %
Ingress Protection (IP) Rating     IP50
PI controller output voltage -10   10 IN.
Output current of PI controller     10 and
Output resistance of PI controller     10 Oh
Resolution of PI controller     12 little

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