InteliSENS  BG Series Diameter ProtonProducts Vietnam

Introducing InteliSENS  BG Series  ProtonProducts Vietnam


  • Non-contact laser measurement does not deform or mark measuring objects.
  • Available in models measuring up to 27 or 57mm.
  • Provides statistical analysis of measurements.
  • Optional rotary chuck or V-slotted sample holder is available.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • For offline, stand-alone use in input inspection, quality control, and laboratory applications.


Derived from the highly successful InteliSENS ® DG line of laser scanning diameter gauges  , the InteliSENS ® BG series diameter gauges    are designed for stand-alone, offline use in input inspection, quality control applications and laboratory.

Proton Products' InteliSENS ® DG series laser scanning diameter gauge  is integrated with a miniature touchscreen PC and mains power supply on an aluminum baseboard. Depending on the application, optional ground steel V-grooves or rotary chuck can also be integrated for precise sample holding.

The InteliSENS ® BG Series reference gauges    are a quick, easy-to-use and contactless alternative to vernier calipers and micrometer screwdrivers. The PC touch screen provides measurement display with maximum/minimum calculation and automatic ovulation, statistical analysis and data recording. Recorded data can be extracted from a touchscreen PC using a USB flash memory card.

Operating principle InteliSENS® BG Series Diameter measuring machine ProtonProducts Vietnam

Proton Products InteliSENS ® DG Series Diameters    quickly scan the laser beam across the object to be measured. The laser beam is focused by a photodiode retracting lens, and the electrical signal is processed digitally by a Proton-designed FPGA processor. The amount of time that the object obscures the laser beam is proportional to the object's diameter.

Operating principles of DG

Technical specifications InteliSENS® BG Series Diameter measuring machine ProtonProducts Vietnam

Model BG1030 BG1060 Units
Port size 30 60 mm
1.18 2,36 inch
Minimum diameter 0,1 0,2 mm
0,004 0,004 inch
Maximum diameter 27 57 mm
1.063 2.244 inch
Resolution 1 1 Um
Accuracy ±(1µm + 0.008% of object diameter) ±(1.5µm + 0.008% of object diameter)
Indication minimum Featured Max Units
Measurement speed     600 scan/sec
Operating temperature 5   45 °C
41   113 ° F
Relative humidity (at 38°C / 105°F)     90 %
Power voltage 85 220 264 VAC (rms)
Power frequency 47   65 Hz
Energy consumption     24 IN

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