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Introducing MG3740A

Analog signal generator, with excellent RF specifications, including single-sideband phase noise, output level, and flexible AM, FM, ΦM, and pulse modulation functions

The MG3740A analog signal generator has excellent RF specifications, including SSB phase noise, output level, etc. and flexible modulation functions (AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse). The MG3740A is the ideal solution for a high purity signal source for testing analog radio Rx characteristics.

Furthermore, adding a digital modulation option supports the generation of narrowband digitally modulated signals. Supports narrowband digital modulation as well as CW and analog modulation.

  • Analog signal generator supports frequencies from 100 kHz to 2.7/4/6 GHz
  • High purity signal source for analog radio testing
  • Built-in AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse modulation function [Standard]
  • Two RF outputs using dual RF [Optional]
  • Expand to narrowband digital modulated signal generator [Optional]

Basic performance

Frequency range 100 kHz to 2.7/4/6 GHz [1st RF Option] 
100 kHz to 2.7/4/6 GHz [2nd RF Option] 
SSB phase noise <-140 dBc/Hz (nominal) (100 MHz, 20 kHz bias, CW) 
<-131 dBc/Hz (typical) (1 GHz bias, 20 kHz, CW) 
Level setting range -110 to +17 dBm [Standard] 
-144 to +17 dBm [Optional] 
High power output +23 dBm (CW, 400 MHz to 3 GHz) [Optional] 
Conversion speed <600 µs (frequency/amplitude, List/Scan mode)
Built-in AM/FM/ΦM/Pulse modulation function [Standard]


Expansion options

Add additional analog modulation inputs [Optional]:
Adding additional analog modulation input options expands to two internal modulation sources (AM/FM/ΦM) and one external modulation source that supports Supports modulation of two signals simultaneously.

Two independent RF outputs using dual RF [Optional]:
Supports "Wanted Wave + Interference to Test Rx Characteristics", "Evaluate Amp Intermodulation Characteristics" and "RF/LO Signal Source to evaluate the Mixer".

USB Power Sensor (Sold Separately):
Supports connection of up to two USB power sensors.

Extend to narrowband digital modulation signal generator [Optional]:
Add digital modulation function [Optional] that supports narrowband digital modulation signal generation.

  • RF modulation bandwidth: 2 MHz
  • Waveform creation software: IQproducer (License sold separately) TDMA IQproducer / Fading IQproducer

BER measurement function [Optional]:
Input bit rate: 100 bps to 40 Mbps

Communication interface

  • Standard 1000BASE-T, GPIB and USB interfaces
  • Integrated SCPI, compatible modes MG3700A/MS269xA/MS2830A/MG364xA

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