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Introducing MS2850A 

This signal analyzer with 1 GHz analysis bandwidth supports next-generation multi-carrier and broadband communications systems, such as broadcast satellite and 5G cellular.

The MS2850A signal analyzer is a spectrum analyzer/signal analyzer with a maximum analysis bandwidth of 1 GHz and a frequency range of 9 kHz to 32 GHz or 44.5 GHz. It has analytical bandwidth that supports broadband communications measurements, such as broadcast satellite equipment and 5G mobile communications, providing all-in-one coverage from sub-6 GHz to millimeter wave bands 28GHz/39GHz.

With excellent cost performance, this desktop signal analyzer helps cut development and manufacturing costs for communications equipment while improving efficiency.

The signal analysis function can record up to 24 seconds (at 100 MHz) using the large 32 GB memory. Digitized signal data can be analyzed using common EDA tools for efficient R&D into next generation standards before promulgating new standards. Additionally, adding the PCIe/ISB3.0 option to transfer captured large data at high speed will help R&D efficiency by cutting data transfer time.

1 GHz Analysis Bandwidth
1 GHz Analysis Bandwidth supports wider frequency bands for microwave and millimeter wave communications systems, such as broadcast satellites and 5G cellular.

The signal analysis function using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) analysis supports spectrum display, spectrogram display, and applications where frequency and phase change with the passage of time. Additionally, the frequency bands required for 5G measurements are covered, and comprehensive evaluation of multi-carrier signals is supported by 5G measurement software.

Analysis Bandwidth:
255 MHz (Standard)
510 MHz (optional), 1 GHz (optional)

Spectrum of eight 100 MHz bandwidth carriers at 29 GHz center frequency
Spectrum of eight 100 MHz bandwidth carriers at 29 GHz center frequency

Excellent flatness performance

Amplitude and phase flatness performance  *1  over a wide analysis bandwidth of 1 GHz is superior to other signal analyzers  *2  . With this performance, the MS2850A supports highly accurate amplitude and phase measurements for each carrier in broadband communication systems, such as 5G mobile, playing a key role in improving volume of radio communication equipment.

Center frequency: 28 GHz, at Center frequency ±500 MHz
In-band frequency characteristic: ±1.2 dB (nominal)
In-band phase linearity: 5 degrees. page (Nominal)

*1: Specified as In-band Frequency Characteristics and In-Band Phase Linearity in Anritsu specifications
*2: Anritsu tested May 2017

High ADC  Wide Dynamic Range *3  Clipping Level Wide measuring dynamic range at offset compared to DANL  *4

The MS2850A has high ADC clipping over 1 GHz analysis bandwidth. This efficiency can be used to achieve a larger difference compared to DANL, which increases when entering the actual signal input level and entering a wideband signal when an attenuator is used. This wide dynamic range performance helps obtain more accurate EVM values ​​when measuring 5G signals. For example, in the 28 GHz band, the measured dynamic range at the difference between ADC and DANL clipping is better than 140 dB (reference).

Center frequency: 28 GHz
ADC cutoff: 0 dBm  *5  (CW)
DANL: -142 dBm/Hz  *5
Dynamic range: 142 dB (reference)

*3: Analog to Digital converter
*4: Average noise level displayed
*5: measured. meaning the value is measured at the design stage but is not guaranteed


High SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range)
-70 dBc at 1 GHz analysis bandwidth

The MS2850A prevents ADC artifact generation over the 1 GHz analysis bandwidth, ensuring a wide measurement dynamic range when analyzing wideband signals.

800 MHz ≤ Frequency < 4.2 GHz: -60 dBc (nominal)
4.2 GHz ≤ Frequency ≤ 44.5 GHz: -70 dBc (nominal)

Features MS2850A Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer Anritsu VietNam

For next-generation broadband and multi-carrier communications systems, such as broadcast satellite and 5G cellular

  • Integrated 5G measurement software supports efficient development and production
  • All-in-one 5G NR/V5G (sub-6 GHz/mmWave) coverage
  • High EVM performance thanks to wide dynamic range (EVM: <1%)
  • Optimize dynamic range at the touch of a button when measuring EVM
  • Multi-carrier batch analysis (all at once)
  • Measure the amplitude/phase/time difference for each carrier
  • Maximum analysis bandwidth: 1 GHz
  • Excellent amplitude performance and phase flatness
  • Wide dynamic range measurement: >140 dB
  • Long-term shooting using large memory
  • Equipped with PCIe/USB3.0 connector
  • Transfer recorded data to an external PC at speeds faster than 1000BASE-T
  • Frequency range: 9 kHz to 32 GHz/44.5 GHz
  • Analysis bandwidth: 255 MHz (standard), 510 MHz (optional), 1 GHz (optional)
  • Standard installed functions: Spectrum analyzer, Signal analyzer (FFT analysis function), Microwave preselector bypass, USB power sensor connection
  • Optional: Preamplifier, Low Secondary Harmonic Distortion, Noise Floor Reduction (NFR) Function, External Interface for PCIe/USB3.0 High-Speed ​​Data Transfer
  • Measurement application (optional): 5G FDD/TDD measurement software, LTE advanced FDD/TDD measurement software, Phase noise measurement function, Noise image measurement function, etc.

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