MW82119B PIM Master™ Anritsu VietNam

Introducing MW82119B 

Measure PIM with a portable testing solution, large outdoor viewable display, intuitive user interface and optimized for field conditions

PIM Master MW82119B High-capacity, portable, battery-powered, passive intermodulation analyzer with optional Antenna and Cable Analyzer

The PIM Master™ B-series is a 40 Watt, battery-powered PIM analyzer capable of scanning the Site Master™ series. With the included Site Master option, the PIM Master can fully certify the performance of the cable and antenna system, measuring PIM, Distance to PIM, Return Loss, VSWR, Cable Loss and Distance to Fault with a single test device. 

PIM Master includes a large, outdoor-viewable display and an intuitive user interface optimized for field conditions. The rugged design and enhanced portability of the PIM Master allows for both PIM and line scan testing at the “top of the tower,” helping operators achieve maximum RF performance from their Radio Transmitter installation their LTE remote (RRH).

The cabling and antenna system is a vital link in any wireless communication network. The quality of the components deployed and the care taken to install them have a significant impact on network performance, site reliability, and ultimately customer satisfaction. To operate at maximum potential, the cable and antenna system must transmit RF signals between mobile subscribers and the BTS as efficiently as possible (minimum losses, minimum reflections) and without generates unwanted interference (passive intermodulation).

Compatible with the Smart Aligner Android app to generate end-of-site reports including antenna alignment results from the Multiwave tool and line scan results.

Typical applications include:

  • Check the RF component
  • Check the antenna
  • Check macro site cabling
  • Kiểm tra trang web Remote Radio Head (RRH)
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Testing


  • Passive Intermodulation (PIM) Analyzer
  • Battery Operation: >3 hours
  • 20 dBm (0.1 Watt) to 46 dBm (40 Watt)
  • Field-proven design: Rugged, compact display that's viewable in daylight
  • Powered by Multiwave Smart Aligner Android app
  • Compatible with SweepMasters SkyBridge Tools cloud-based trace management tool
  • Three-year standard warranty (one-year battery warranty)

PIM analyzer measurements:

  • PIM vs. time
  • PIM scanning
  • Distance to PIM (DTP)
  • Noise floor

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