MA8172A CATR Anechoic Chamber Anritsu VietNam

Introducing MA8172A

Supports OTA 5G NR environments using 3GPP compliant CATR methodology. It also supports Alignment Option 1/2/3 and FR2 temperature testing.

The CATR MA8172A anti-reflection chamber uses the 3GPP-compliant Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) method to perform 5G NR OTA tests in a small space.
It can be used for mmWave development and 5G NR chipset, device and UE suitability testing.
Transport is easy as it can be disassembled into three component parts and assembly and installation requires less than 5 days, significantly shortening initial setup time.

  • 3GPP compliant Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) method was applied
  • To test mmWave suitability and evolution of 5G NR chipsets, devices and UEs
  • Transport is easy with the division into three component parts. Shorten onboarding setup time
  • Full support for 1/2/3 Alignment Options
  • Installation/removal of the test terminal is simple and installation location repeatability is high
  • Supports FR2 temperature testing (Temperature under extreme conditions: -10oC to +55oC)

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