MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set Bluetooth test set Anritsu VietNam

Introducing MT8852B Bluetooth Test Set Anritsu VietNam Bluetooth test set

Supports Base Rate, Enhanced Data Rate, and Bluetooth Low Energy, test your device in less than 10 seconds with one-button testing to fully characterize your deployment

By eliminating wires and simplifying connections between everyday devices, Bluetooth® wireless technology has become the dominant standard for short-range wireless connectivity.

The MT8852B Bluetooth Tester is a market-leading RF tester for design, providing production testing for a wide range of products incorporating Bluetooth® technology. It supports Basic Rate (BR), Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) measurements of transmit power, frequency, modulation and receiver sensitivity as required of Bluetooth RF test specifications.

The MT8852B Bluetooth Tester gives you a one-button test to fully characterize your Bluetooth implementation and ensure quality is maintained. Start a device test script in less than 10 seconds.


  Measurements were performed as defined in the  Bluetooth  RF Test Specifications

  • Measurements are performed in  Bluetooth test mode  - Supports Loopback or Tx mode
  • Initialize and control test equipment via HCI UART, USB or USB-Adapter control interface
  • Integrated support for Bluetooth low energy 2-wire console 
  • BR/EDR/ Bluetooth Low Energy Dirty Transmitter  for receiver sensitivity testing scenarios

2 Mbps Low Energy PHY (2LE) and Bluetooth  Long Range (BLR)   tests 

Adding this option will support 2 Mbps low energy (2LE) PHY tests that are expected to significantly improve battery life and  Bluetooth  long range (BLR) tests that support out-of-range communications. 500 m range are included in the Bluetooth Core v5 specification   and above.

  Adaptive frequency hopping test function

The Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) option facilitates analysis of magnetic interference and coexistence with interfering signals such as WLAN. This option provides graphical display of the FER and masked channels in the presence of interfering signals, allowing hardware design optimization.

  Check arrival angle/departure angle

Adding this option will support the Arrival Angle / Departure Angle included in the new Bluetooth Core v5.1 specification.

  • Supports   the latest Bluetooth ® v5.4 standard
  • Measurements are performed as defined in the Bluetooth RF test specifications
  • Compliant with Bluetooth Core Specification v5.4
  • Qualified by Bluetooth SIG for RF measurement
  • Supports 9 Base Rate test cases and 8 EDR test cases
  • Supports 30 Bluetooth low energy test cases
  • Single script runs low power, EDR, and Bluetooth tests
  • Sound testing capabilities. Three SCO channels with µ-Law, A-Law and CVSD air interfaces
  • BlueSuite Pro3 software provides graphical traces of modulation, power gain, channel-by-channel measurements, and receiver sensitivity searches
  • Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) test function for Bluetooth devices

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