InteliSENS SLR-i4 Speed ​​and length measuring device ProtonProduct VietNam

Introducing InteliSENS SLR-i4 

The InteliSENS SLR-i4 non-contact length and speed meter is ideal for products with flat surfaces in "roll to roll" or "cut to length" processes. Paper, Film, Foil, Textiles, Nonwovens, Textiles, Roofing, Partitions, Plasterboard are just a few examples. Applications where speed measurement is important for drive control or where length measurement is important for product quality will benefit from the increased accuracy of Length and Speed ​​Measurement Laser Doppler.

Focusing on connectivity, the SLR-i4 Smart Sensor with 32-bit communication comes pre-installed with Profibus, Profinet and Ethernet industrial protocols for your PLC connection. Modbus, OPC-UA, RS232, RS485 and WiFi complete the wide range of digital communications for your Industry 4.0 Solution.

  • No moving parts, increased reliability and MTBF
  • Non-slip, non-abrasive, non-marking
  • Extremely small and easy to install
  • The measuring device is independent or fully integrated with the PLC
  • The pulse output is the same as your encoder
  • Industrial data communication 4.0

InteliSENS SLR-i4 Performance Speed ​​and Length Measuring Device ProtonProduct VietNam

  SLR 1525-i4 CAMERA SLR 3060-i4 CAMERA SLR 6060-i4 CAMERA
Standing distance 150mm
Depth of field 25mm
minimum speed 0 m/min
0 ft/min
0 m/min
0 ft/min

0 m/min
0 ft/min

Max speed 2000 m/min
6562 ft/min
3000 m/min
9842 ft/min
3000 m/min
9842 ft/min
Accuracy Factory calibrated to better than 0.05%.
Repeatability 0.02%
Measurement Maximum acceleration speed 1000m/s2 (3280ft/s2)
Measurement speed up to 25,000/s
Units Speed ​​measurement selectable m/min, ft/min, yd/min
Length measurement selectable m, ft, inch, yd
Method Normal (Continuous Length), Batch Length
Detect objects Automatically detect and detect objects

Visible laser class 3B.
Wavelength 650 – 670 nm, typically 658 nm with a beam diameter of 3 mm (0.12”)
Total output power 40mW. Power density at standby distance 560mW/cm2.

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