MT8862A Wireless Connectivity Test Set (WLAN Tester) Wireless connectivity tester Anritsu VietNam

Introducing MT8862A Wireless Connectivity Test Set (WLAN Tester) Wireless connectivity tester Anritsu VietNam

Ideal for measuring TRx RF characteristics when testing the design and manufacturing of WLAN devices, supporting IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be

Wireless Connectivity Tester MT8862A (WLAN Tester) is used to measure the RF TRx characteristics of IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be WLAN devices (band 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz). The MT8862A has standard WLAN protocol messages (WLAN Signaling) to connect to the device under test (DUT) to measure each TRx performance item in Network Mode and built-in Direct Mode features to support Supports a flexible testing environment.

  • Measure RF performance under real operating conditions (Network Mode)
    Using the MT8862A Network Mode, TRx RF characteristics, such as Tx power, modulation accuracy (EVM), etc., are available. can be measured by WLAN devices under actual operating conditions. It is not necessary to put the DUT into a dedicated test mode with direct control of the DUT, DUT RF performance can be quantified under actual shipping time firmware conditions.
  • Wi-Fi 7 RF Evaluation Capability with Network Mode
    Because WLAN signal quality characteristics vary with each data rate, it is important to evaluate the signal per data rate. The MT8862A enables RF evaluation at all data rates of major WLAN standards including Wi-Fi 7 using signal control technology per data rate.
  • Easy Measurement Environment Configuration
    The MT8862A can simulate access points (APs) and stations (STAs) to establish DUT network connections using IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN protocol messaging /ac/ax/be. Once the connection is established, RF measurements can be performed using common WLAN communication procedures without requiring special tools and control procedures, eliminating the need to configure the environment. special measuring field.
  • 2x2 MIMO Rx sensitivity and Tx power measurement functions
    Measure Rx sensitivity and Tx power at 2x2 MIMO interface using two MT8862A devices; ideal for evaluating the RF characteristics of finished products in 2x2 MIMO communications
  • Device measurement with encrypted signals
    WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal and WPA3-Personal encryption technologies are supported to enable connection and measurement without disabling DUT security settings.
  • Unique Data Rate Control Algorithm for Tx Measurements
    The MT8862A has a unique built-in algorithm for data rate control to perform Tx measurements in Network Mode at user-specified data rates .
  • Measuring Rx Sensitivity Using ACK Frame Numbers to Create a Bath Curve
    The MT8862A supports Rx sensitivity measurements using ACK frame numbers; Counting ACK frames sent by the DUT compared to test packets sent from the MT8862A aids in calculating the packet error rate (PER). Packets can be sent while reducing power levels by setting the power level range (-120 to 0 dBm) and step size, and an Rx Sensitivity Bath curve can be automatically generated. Packets include MAC addresses and payload lengths that can be configured in real-time to measure at a variety of data rates.
  • Web browser GUI operation immediately after connection Connect
    the MT8862A to an external PC using an Ethernet cable for instant access from the Web browser to complete setup of the GUI operation environment without requiring trial setup operations experience.
    The Web browser-based GUI eliminates user concerns about version matching with the main framework firmware. Additionally, the MT8862A remote control gateway supports DHCP client function, and both server and domain settings provide easy control simply by connecting the PC controller and MT8862A to the same network.
  • Frame capture logging to troubleshoot connection problems
    With built-in frame capture logging function, MT8862A can capture and save frame logs to troubleshoot DUT connection problems. Recorded logs are in *.pcap format for viewing by supported applications, making it easier to analyze DUT connection issues.
  • IP Data Transfer Using Connection Verification Test
    The Ethernet port on the back of the MT8862A can be used to exchange IP data with an external server; The IP connection between the client computer connected to the DUT and the external server connected to the MT8862A can be tested using the ping function, etc.

RF TRx measurement function for WLAN devices

  • Network mode: Establishes a connection with WLAN devices using the WLAN protocol messaging feature (WLAN Signaling) to help perform measurements.
  • IEEE802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax/be includes 6 GHz band support
  • Tx power measurement function and 2x2 MIMO Rx sensitivity
  • Supports secure WEP, WPA-Personal, WPA2-Personal and WPA3-Personal encrypted connections.
  • Tx measurements (Tx power, modulation accuracy, etc.) use ICMP echo requests.
  • Measure PER (packet error rate) using ACK count to create a Bath curve as an Rx measurement
  • Remote control and display of measurement results from a Web browser using the integrated Web server
  • Troubleshoot connection problems by capturing and analyzing WLAN protocol messages
  • Send/receive IP data to/from external server using built-in IP interface

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