18902201N Brecon VietNam Compactor Tamper

Description 18902201N Brecon VietNam Compactor Tamper

Powertool tamper;
3800 rpm; Fc: 1.4 kN;
P: 0.20 kW; U: 230 V; 1~;
f: 50/60 Hz; I: 0.90 A;
Single phase with 3 m cable;
Plug-in tools must be ordered separately

Order number: 18902403N

Suitable inserting tools for the tamper:

Order number: 161803306
Inserting tool Ø 80 mm
for vibrating rammers;
foot dimensions: Ø 80 mm;
total length: 1000 mm

Order number: 1618603307
Inserting tool Ø 130 mm
for vibrating rammers;
foot dimensions: Ø 130 mm;
total length: 1000 mm

The tamper is very well suited for compacting when closing drill core holes.
The insertion tools are designed for use in drill core holes with a diameter of 100 and 150 mm.

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