AC58-1212EF-47VDZ 056603 Hengstler Encoder Jon&Jul Vietnam



The AC58 series comprises a range of absolute rotary encoders with optical scanning for many different application areas. The 58 mm encoders are available in solid shaft and hollow shaft versions and meet the requirements of almost all industrial applications and demanding applications involving motor feedback. In single and multiturn versions, these encoders achieve a resolution of up to 34 bits (22 bits single turn, 12 bits multiturn, depending on the interface). In addition to connections via SSI/BiSS, numerous other interfaces such as EtherCAT, Profinet, Profibus, CANopen, CANlayer2, DeviceNet, Interbus and SUCOnet are available.


AC58-1212EF-47VDZ 056603 Hengstler Encoder is supply by Jon&Jul Automation Vietnam.


  • Single-turn and multi-turn absolute encoders
  • Broad temperature range: -40 to +100°C
  • Resolution: up to 34 bits (22 bits in single-turn, 12 bits in multi-turn, depending upon interface)
  • Compact construction: 50 mm long
  • High EMC compatibility



Product Series

Other Product

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NOTE: Note: MACH102 series has been end of life since the end of 2023.
> A possible successor to the GRS series is listed here. Plz check your usability before order
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