DA 682C Ethernet IPC module Moxa Vietnam

Introducing DA 682C Ethernet Moxa Vietnam

DA-682C-Ethernet series peripheral expansion modules include 4-port Giga LAN module, 4-port 100M/1000M Fiber module and PRP/HSR module to set up industrial communication applications with Ethernet-based devices.

All modules are designed to provide maximum flexibility for setting up applications and performing industrial tasks.

The DN-PRP-HSR-I210 expansion module complies with IEC 62439-3 Clause 4 (PRP) and IEC 62439-3 Clause 5 (HSR) to ensure highest system availability and data integrity for mission-critical applications requiring zero-time redundancy and recovery.

With dual Gigabit Ethernet port design, the DN-PRP-HSR-I210 module delivers high performance for redundant network systems.


  • 4-port Gigabit LAN module
  •  2-port Giga LAN PRP/HSR module
  •  Compliant with Clause 4 (PRP) and Clause 5 (HSR) according to IEC 62439-3 standard








​Technical specifications

  • 100/1000BaseSFP port


    DN-FX04: 4

  • 10/100/1000BaseT(X) port (RJ45 connector)


    DN-LN04-RJ: 4

  • Port 10/100/1000BaseT(X) PRP/HSR port


    DN-PRP-HSR-I210: 2

  • Magnetic isolation protection


    1.5 kV (integrated)

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