330500-00-00 Bently Nevada Vibration Sensor

1, Vibration sensor  330500-00-00

General information: The sensor measures absolutely accurate bearing housing, housing, or structural vibration. Unlike moving coil velocity probes, such as the Bently Nevada Seismoprobe, the Velomitor Piezo-velocity sensor is a specialized piezoelectric accelerometer that incorporates integrated electronics embedded in a compact design. snake. Because they integrate solid-state electronics and have no moving parts, they are immune to mechanical degradation and wear, and can be mounted vertically, horizontally or at any angle of orientation. any other.


Parameters are specified from +20 °C to + 30 °C (+68 °F to +86 °F) and at 100Hz unless otherwise indicated
Integrator options: -00- No integration available
Agency approval options: -00- Not required

2/ Model: 84661-17 Connector /Velomitor Interconnect Cable


Product name: Velomitor Interconnect Cable

Code: 84661-17

Brand: Bentley Nevada

Origin: USA

General information:

2 twisted conductors, protected by AWG armored cable with 2 outlets with moisture-proof connectors. Okay

Use with monitor, do not use with 21128 Velocity Transducer Housing



Minimum length: 3.0 ft (0.9m)
Maximum length: 96 ft (29m)

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