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Sensormate Vietnam, Force control sensor clamp  SML-WMEH / 8  sensors Sensormate

Wireless Magnet Clamping Force Control Sensor Type SML-WMEH The perfect help For Maximum, Uniform Clamping Force without overloading Toggle or Tie Bars 

Avoid broken tie rods.
 Keep mold and machine aligned
 Extend mold and bushing life.
 Less mold wear and flashing.
 Set repeat from run to run.
- Mounts quickly and easily with 2 super strong magnets.
-Wireless sensor does not require a connection cable.
- Measurement data can be saved and printed via Sensing View-H software on PC.
- Measurement data can be saved in the display up to 800 times.
-2 bending compensation measuring sensors.
-Fit any tie rod diameter.
-High resolution, 1% accuracy.
-Direct reading in µƐ, kN or tons, no calculations or conversion lists.

Ordering information:
 -Setup with 8 sensors: SML - WMEH / 8
-Setup with 10 sensors: SML - WMEH / 10
All set in aluminum carrying case with inputs, sensors.
* WMEH digital display, 16-pin charger, power adapter and manual.
Strain meter 350 ohms
Measuring range ± 800 με
Sensor sensitivity (1/2 bridge compensation) 1.0 mV/V @ FS
Overall accuracy <± 0.5% FS
Degree repeatability <± 0.1% FS Linear Hysteresis
< ± 0.5% FS <± 0.5% FS Operating temperature range 0… + 60 ℃ Sensor size 88 x 46.5 x 50mm Power supply Provides 2 rechargeable AA NiMH or Alkaline batteries


100% Taiwan Origin


Clamping force control sensors
 Type: SML-WMEH / 8 sensors
 1 SET Include:
 SML-WME Sensor 8pcs
 Sensing View-H software in USB stick 1pce
 Handhold monitor WMEH 1pce
 Power adapter for monitor 1pce
 Mini USB cable 1pce
 Batteries Charger for 16 batteries 1pce
 Sensor extractor 1pce
 Aluminum carrying box with inlet 1pce
 Operating manual English / Chinese 1copy