HD2717T.00 Delta Ohm Humid Tempt Transmitter Jon&Jul Vietnam



The instruments of the HD2717T… series are transmitters, indicators, and ON/OFF regulators with data logging functions, they measure temperature and humidity.

HD2717T.00 Delta Ohm Humid Tempt Transmitter is supply by Jon&Jul Automation Vietnam.


The instruments measure:

  • Temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scale
  • Relative humidity

and calculate:

  • Absolute humidity
  • Mixing Ratio
  • Dew point



Product Series

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100% Italy Origin Delta Ohm (Senseca) Vietnam HD2717T.00
Transmitter, indicator, w/o display and relay. ON/OFF regulator..
Includes: DeltaLog12 software downloadable from Delta OHM website. RS27 cable is included only for transmitters without display
100% EU
Heidenhain Vietnam 383978-01 Encoder
ST 1288 02S12 7K A ~1Vss 0,00 .. 01 .. 01 5mm
360 1,50 19 64 1,0
Incremental length gauge HEIDENHAIN-SPECTO
Plunger actuation: Extended by spring force
Measuring length: 12 mm
Type of guide: ball guide
Reference mark position: 5mm
Accuracy grade: 1.0 μm
Electrical connection: Connector M23, male, 12-pin
Connecting direction: axial
Pin configuration: D510107
Cable type: PUR Ø 5.1 mm
Cable length: 1.50 m
Output signal: sinusoidal voltage signals (1 Vpp)
Reference pulse width: 360°
Grating period: 20.000 μm
Power supply: 5V+-10%
Degree of protection: IP 64 (EN 60529)
Operating temperature: +10/+40 °C
100% Korea Origin Higen Vietnam Model: HMATN44-PB00
Ac Servo Motor 4.4kW


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