HMT370EX 71R1NB1AD1NN Vaisala Humid Temp Transmitter Jon&Jul Vietnam




The intrinsically safe HMT370EX is the ideal solution for use in hazardous areas up to zone 0 and 20. In addition to measuring relative humidity and temperature, the transmitter outputs also other humidity parameters: dew point temperature, wet-bulb temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, water concentration, water mass fraction, water vapor pressure, and enthalpy. Special models for moisture in oil and jet fuel measurements are available.


HMT370EX 71R1NB1AD1NN Vaisala Humid Temp Transmitter is supply by Jon&Jul Automation Vietnam.


  • Intrinsically safe (Exi)
  • Interchangeable probes
  • Detachable probe module
  • Graphical LCD display and non-display model
  • Vaisala HUMICAP® sensor
  • Compatible with Vaisala Insight PC software
  • Traceable calibration (certificate included)



Product Series

Other Product

100% Finland Origin Vaisala Vietnam HMT370EX 71R1NB1AD1NN
100% Finland Origin Vaisala Vietnam HMPX 7E2B1A0A0G0
Humidity and Temperature Probe
Humidity and Temperature Probe HMP7
HMP7 with 2m cable
Humicap R2 (VHM180) + Pt100
SST sintered filter
Purge off, probe heat off
Baud rate 19200
Communication settings 8, N, 2
Modbus address 240
Reserved character
Swagelok NPT 1/2″
No connection cable
100% Finland Origin Vaisala Vietnam HMT 120 HB0AXA12A2C0Z
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, ±1.5 %RH, 4…20 mA without display
Output Parameters: Humidity output only, HMP110 Stainless Steel Probe
Transmitter Type: 3 m Cable for Remote Probe  HMT120Z300
Output 4…20mA, 2-wire loop-powered
Channel 1: custom Scaling (BUỘC CONFIRM KHI ORDER)
Channel 2 No Output
Metric Units
Sensor Protection: Plastic Grid with PTFE filter for Steel Probe  DRW010525SP
No Transmitter installation
Installation Kit for Probe: Duct Installation Kit  215619
Cable Blushings: Conduit Fitting NPT 1/2″
No PC Accessories
Multilingual Manual


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