LD 500/510 - Leak detector with camera


Camera leak detector shows leak rate in [l/min or cfm] and cost in national currency [ eg $ / year]

Reduce energy costs by fixing compressed air leaks, while increasing your profits and sustainability with the help of the perfect interaction between the LD 500/510 and the related software "CS Leak Reporter" .

Special features of the leak detector LD 500/LD 510

  • Finds the smallest leaks even at great distances
  • Find out your leak size (l/min or cfm) and potential savings (currency/year)
  • Automatic laser distance measurement for more reliable cost calculation
  • Auto level: automatically adjusts sensitivity according to the environment and reliably eliminates background noise (0 dB to 120 dB bandwidth)
  • Pictures leaked part
  • Description of each leak and required actions via integrated touch screen
  • Transmit leak details via USB to your desktop software
  • Create ISO 50001 reports
  • Search for leaks all day (9-hour battery life)
  • Additional sensor inputs for CS Instruments and 3rd party sensors (LD 510 only)

The LD 500 leak detector measures ultrasonics generated by compressed air, steam, gas and vacuum leaks, as well as partial discharges on insulators, transformers, switchgear, lines high voltage (halo effect). Ultrasound, inaudible to the human ear, is amplified and mixed into the audible frequency range by the LD 500. This allows you to pinpoint the exact location of a compressed air leak (ultrasound source) through headphones and camera images, even in the presence of environmental noise.

Enhanced and adjustable sensitivity

With advanced sensor technology, the leak detector can identify even the smallest leaks (0.1 l/min or 0.003 cfm, equivalent to about $1 per year) at great distances. Easily. At the same time, the LD 500's sensitivity range can be adjusted automatically or manually to locate leaks more easily, even during production facility operations.

Professional data management

After successfully detecting a leak, you can save images of the leak using the built-in camera and store all necessary information about the leak via the device's built-in touch screen, right at the leak location. rust. This includes all relevant information needed for leak repair.

Handle data leaks and report automatically

After performing a leak survey, all data can be exported via USB memory stick and imported into CS Leak Reporter software. With the help of CS Leak Reporter software, individual leaks can be prioritized according to size and cost incurred. Any necessary data leaks will be managed through computer software. Then, with just a few clicks, an automatic leak report (PDF, CSV) can be generated showing all the important information about each leak found during the survey. You can download a sample report on this page in the "Downloads" section.

Attached accessories

Order UltraCam with leak detector LD 500: 0601 0205

LD 500 leak detector with UltraCam, built-in camera, 30-microphone ultrasound for displaying leaks on screen, incl. 100 leak cards 0560 0205

Transport suitcase 0554 0106

Soundproof headphones 0554 0104

Focus tube with focus head 0530 0104

AC adapter plug 0554 0009

Spiral cable for connecting ultrasonic sensor, length 2m (extended) 020001402

Holster with shoulder strap for LD 500/510 020001795

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