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TSAPA24F Greystone Temperature Sensor  is supply by Jon&Jul Automation Vietnam.




Product Series

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Greystone TSAPA06E
Greystone TSAPA06D
Greystone TSAPA06C
Greystone TSAPA06B
Greystone TSAPA06A

Other Product

100%  Canada Origin Greystone Vietnam Model: TSAPA24F Sensor
Temperature Sensor, All Purpose Duct/Immersion, ABS enclosure with hinged and gasketed cover, 10,000 Ohm, type 2, NTC thermistor, +/-0.2 C, 450 mm (18″”)
100% USA Origin Watlow Vietnam Watlow code number: 2292-3842
(Model Number PM8C2EC-ACEAVWP)
Temperature controller
(Replaces : PM8C2EC-ACEAFAA)
Configuration Details
Package Size 8 = 1/8th DIN Vertical Plus
Primary Function C = PID Controller with Universal Input
Power Supply 2 = 100 to 240VAC plus 2 digital I-O points
Output 1 and 2 EC – Out1 = Mech Relay 5A, SPDT : Out2 = Switched DC
Communications A = None
Auxiliary Control Functions C = 2nd PID Controller with Universal Input
Output 3 and  4 EA – Out3 = Mech Relay 5A, SPDT : Out4 = None
Model Selection V = PM PLUS enhance firmware (isolated input 1, input 2 is always isolated)
Custom Options WP = Logo Face Plate
Model Number PM8C2EC-ACEAVWP


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