2704 Temperature controller

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The 2704 gives you accurate indications and warnings of temperature and process measurements. Process interlocking, including furnace overheating limits, is accomplished using relay outputs.

1. Introduction

2704 Eurotherm temperature controller is currently widely distributed by Jon-Jul Company in the Vietnamese market.

2. Technical specifications

Analogue IP/OP In


Analogue IP/OP Out


Combinational Logic

32 Operations

Control Algorithms

Cascade, Override, Single, User wired

Control loops


Digital Comms

DeviceNet, Ethernet, Modbus, Profibus

Digital IP/OP In


Digital IP/OP Out


Maths Equation

32 Calculations

PC Configuration

Graphical wiring

Special Features

Carbon Potential, Humidity, Melt Pressure, Vacuum


4 / 0 / 4

Panel size (DIN)


Input Type

mA, mV, RTD, TC, Volts

PV Accuracy


IP Rating


Display Type

Dot Matrix

Control Types

On/Off, PID, VP

Alarm Types

Dev, Event, Heater fail, Hi, Lo

Supply Voltage

24V dc/ac, 85-264V ac

SP Programmer

60 Programmes, 600 Segments max

Real Time Clock

Day and Time

JON & JUL INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT COMPANY LIMITED is the official distributor of Eurotherm products in Vietnam.

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