BWU1345 ASi Analog Input Module, IP20, 2AI (4...20mA/0…10V) Electrical signal conversion module bihl-wiedemann Vietnam


IP20 ASi analog input module, 22.5 mm x 92 mm, with 4 COMBICON connections, 2 analog inputs (4…20 mA/0…10 V), input voltage selectable sensor input/power supply, external ASi or external of ASi, default external ASi, peripheral connection via clamp, ASi connection via clamp, 1 single slave


  • Model IP20, 22.5 mm x 92 mm, 4 x COMBICON
  • ASi-5/ASi-3 ASi-3 compatible
  • Housing 4 x COMBINED
  • IP20 protection standard
  • Input safety, SIL 3, Cat. 4 -
  • Analog inputs 2 x 4 ... 20 mA/2 x 0 ... 10 V

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bihl-wiedemann Vietnam

Electrical signal conversion module
Model: BWU1345
ASi Analog Input Module, IP20, 2AI (4...20mA/0…10V)
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100% Turkey/Germany

bihl-wiedemann Vietnam

Model: BWU1412
ASi Analog Output Module, IP20, 2AO (0...20mA/0...10V)

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