CDI-1600 Digital Weight Indicator, Atrax digital scale display screen 

CDI-1600 product features:

  • Stainless steel case
  • Large high-contrast TFT color screen
  • High weight digits range from 20 mm to 40 mm
  • Enable air cargo data import/capture (all alphanumeric)
  • Configurable operating modes and user prompts
  • Displays up to TWO scales simultaneously (Scale 1, Scale 2 & Total)
  • Power for up to 10 load cells (per scale) at 350 ohm each
  • Expanded 27-key keyboard with navigation arrows
  • Internal acoustic piezo buzzer, responds to key presses
  • PS2 Qwerty keyboard interface
  • Barcode reading interface
  • Programmable ticket/print data format
  • Internal real-time clock date and time
  • 3x digital inputs plus 3 digital outputs (expandable)
  • Onboard Ethernet communication port (network enabled)
  • USB serial port - connection to peripherals or memory cards
  • Two onboard serial ports (RS232 or RS485) are expandable
  • Tilt base or panel mount

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