Model 480 Plus Digital Weight Indicator – 480 Plus Atrax digital display unit


Ideal for connection to Atrax weighing systems, the Model 480 Plus DWI represents an excellent balance between performance and value.

Super bright LED display, 20.3mm tall digits and sharp contrast create excellent readability. With advanced digital filtering, the device promises top speed without compromising weight stability. The six-button keypad allows for quick navigation. The 480 Plus display unit is versatile and certified by CE and OIML and NTEP


* Date and time

* 6-digit LED with 20.3mm high characters

* Password protection

* RS-232 and 20mA port

* Dimensions 241.3 x 152.4 x 69.9mm

*Temperature range -10 to 40°C

* Flat membrane panel keyboard with embossed keys

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