Slip Docket Printer Model TM-U295 Atrax Printer

Introducing Slip Docket Printer Model TM-U295 Atrax Printer

The Atrax Digital Weight Indicator (DWI) will connect to most modern printers that have a serial communication port.

Printed data, depending on the DWI and printer selected, may include scale weight, date and time, order number and company name and/or permanent logo.

If used with the CDI-1600 or 920i DWI, the printout can include other data recorded at the scale location such as airline receipts, flight or ULD numbers, barcodes and more.

Print formats can be customized to suit the end user's requirements.

The choice of printing technology depends on the intended use of the print.

Atrax can provide thermal point matrices, heat transfer and direct impact.

Three different types of prints are also available, including pre-printed individual notebooks (can be carbonized for copying), strip/roll prints and self-adhesive labels.

Printer method: 7pin, impact dot matrix

The Atrax TM-U295 label notebook printer is an ultra-compact multifunction printer that can accept multiple sizes of notebooks and multi-copy stationery.

Best suited for container slips or printing on any manually placed form. Choose from four print sizes and four print directions.

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