DosyPack 40 DosyPack Netter Vibration Dosing Station


All Netter Vibration electric vibrators have the same operating principle. An electric motor has an imbalance (unbalanced motor) mounted on a rotating rotor that creates a circular vibration with high centrifugal force. Centrifugal force depends on imbalance and impeller speed.

To power the DosyPack dosing system, pneumatic linear vibrators of the NTS and NTK series should be used. These durable vibrators operate reliably and do not continue to run after being turned off, immediately stopping the product flow.

Features and benefits

Circular vibration

Driving power: direct current, alternating current and three-phase current up to 690 V.

Easy to clean (smooth surface)

Complies with CE, CSA and ATEX directives

Very powerful due to vacuum coil

Housing is available in different materials

Special designs available

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