NVI 2 Netter Vibration block concrete compacting equipment

General information

The vibrators are suspended by cardans on the NVI series mass concrete compactors available as two or three vibrators in a row or four square vibrators.

Hydraulic excavators and bulldozers are considered for use as transport vehicles. For example, the existing bucket of a hydraulic excavator can be removed and replaced with an NVI.

The complete control unit for the NHR 150 vibrator is integrated in the NVI and additional available hammer/pull operating equipment can often be used for hydraulic supply and operation. Therefore, no further modifications to the transport vehicle are required.

Features of NVI 2 Netter Vibration block concrete compacting equipment

  • Compaction of coarse-grained concrete
  • For attachment to excavators or hydraulic excavators
  • Driven by the hydraulic system of the excavator or excavator
  • The mounting crossbar can rotate 90° in both directions
  • Concrete compression capacity 70-100 m³/h
  • Required amount of oil at 180 bar: 32 l/min
  • The required lifting force of the excavator is 7.5 KN
  • Total weight 660 kg
  • Number of vibrators NHR 150: 2 pieces


  • Compaction of mass concrete
  • Compress sand
  • Suitable for large construction sites, for example dams, power plants or harbor construction

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