Z2FS-6-2-4X/2QV R900481624 Valve-Hydraulic Van thủy lực Rexroth Vietnam


  • Features The flow control valve, model Z2FS, is a sandwich type dual check/throttle valve.
  • They restrict flow to or from the actuation ports (A and B) of the directional valve.
  • Two throttle/check valves, arranged symmetrically in the housing, restrict flow with adjustable throttles in one direction while providing free flow in the opposite direction.
  • 4X Component Line For main or pilot current limiting of 2 drive ports
  • A and B side throttle check valve 4 adjustable types
  • Anti-corrosion design

Technical specifications Z2FS-6-2-4X/2QV R900481624 Valve-Hydraulic Hydraulic valve Rexroth Vietnam

  • Maximum pressure 350 bar
  • Number of ports 4
  • Transmission type with mechanical transmission
  • NFPA Connection Diagram NFPA T3.5.1 R2-2002 D03
  • Size_CETOP D03
  • Connection diagram ISO 4401-03-02-0-05
  • Number of switch positions 2
  • Weight 1.04 kg

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