ST5484E Velocity Transmitters Metrix velocity transmitter


ST5484E Velocity Transmitters The Metrix Velocity Transmitters are self-contained, loop-driven seismic velocity transmitters that incorporate a piezoelectric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS peak detector, and 4-speed signal conditioner. 20 mA into a single, rugged package.

The transmitter can be mounted directly on the machine housing or bearing housing without the need for any intervening signal conditioning equipment.

Its 4-20 mA output signal is compatible with most industrial process control equipment such as PLC, DCS and SCADA systems, allowing trending and/or alarming capabilities for a solution Simple and economical vibration monitoring.

The transmitter is also available in a 4-wire version where two additional leads provide direct access to the raw acceleration signal, facilitating easy connection to a portable data collector and analyzer.

A wide variety of full-scale outputs, bolt-on mounting options and hazardous area approvals are available, along with the option for 316 stainless steel housing material (303 stainless is standard).

The ST5484E Speed ​​Drive is the perfect choice when you monitor your rolling bearing assets. For flexibility and ease of wiring, three basic styles are offered:

  • Leading the flight team
  • Terminal strip
  • 2-pin MIL connector

Weight: 0.36 kg (0.8 lbs)

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