Vibration Transmitter ST6900 Metrix Vietnam

Introducing the Vibration Transmitter ST6900 Metrix Vietnam

The ST6900 series case-mounted transmitter interfaces directly with the PLC, DCS, and 4-20 mA input display.

Their compact size allows installation in tight places. Model ST6911 has a 4-20 mA current proportional to acceleration while Model ST6917 is proportional to velocity.

They feature Metrix's exclusive Independent Polarity Terminals allowing error-free wiring.

These transmitters have built-in stable detection circuitry due to built-in temperature shock protection and high accuracy at low frequencies by preventing the "ski slope" problem.

Product approx. Weight: 91 gm (3.2 oz)


  • Connector assembly:
    - 8978-211-XXXX
    - 8978-200-0000

  • Association connection: 8978-211-XXXX

  • Connector assembly with stainless steel housing: 9334-211-XXXX-YYYY

  • Waterproof cable assembly with SS armor: 9334-111-XXXX-YYYY

  • Waterproof cable assembly: 8978-111-XXXX

  • Mounting Stud:
    - 3719-002
    - 3719-007
    - 3719-008
    - 3719-009
    - 8841-044

  • IP67 cable: 8978-311-XXXX

Technical specifications Vibration Transmitter ST6900 Metrix Vietnam

Vibration Range:

• 4 to 20 mA output proportional to acceleration (ST6911) and velocity (ST6917), see “Ordering Option A”

• Non standard ranges available

Frequency Response:

• Velocity: 2 - 1000 Hz

• Acceleration: 3 - 10000 Hz

Accuracy: 2% (Repeatability)

Axis Orientation: Any

Supply Voltage (Vs): 11 to 30 VDC, Non-polarity sensitive, IPT®

Isolation: 500 Vrms, circuit to case

Electrical Connection: MIL style 2-pin connector

Maximum Load Resistance (RL ): RL = 50 x (Vsupply-11) W

Service Temperature Rating: -40°F to 100°C (-40°F to 212°F)

Enclosure Materials: 316 SS

Enclosure Environmental Rating: NEMA 4X, IP 67

Approvals: CE marked


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