AMF900 Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter Alia Vietnam

Introducing AMF900 Series Alia Vietnam


The AMF900 series  is an ideal flange type electromagnetic flowmeter for conductive liquids. It is available in sizes from 10A to 2000 mm.

AMF900 is widely used for wastewater, industrial waste, chemicals, solvents, food & beverage, pulp & paper and many other industrial liquids.

The AMF900 series electromagnetic flowmeter can be used in the compact model or remotely with the AMC series electromagnetic flowmeter adapter.

Features of AMF900 Series Alia Vietnam

  • Various linings and electrodes cover most industrial applications
  • Flow velocity range: 0-12 m/s, accurate in low flow applications
  • It comes with any flange like ANSI, DIN, JIS etc
  • Great for high pressure applications
  • Protection class: IP68 available; submerged sensor
  • FEP Liner is suitable for vacuum tubes
  • High accuracy of +/- 0.4% of reading (or +/- 0.2% of reading)
  • With forward/reverse flow measurement function
  • It has the function of cleaning the electrode


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