AUF610 Handheld ultrasonic flow meter Alia Vietnam

Introducing AUF610 Alia Vietnam

The AUF610 series  is a portable time-in-transit ultrasonic flow meter with clamp probe for non-invasive liquid measurement. Based on microprocessor and programmable flow measurement techniques, process flow can be accurately measured without flow interruption and at low installation costs.

Features of AUF610 Alia Vietnam

  • 4-line LCD to display flow rate, total signal status, etc
  • Flowmeter designed with high accuracy +/- 1.0%
  • Small size (206*100*35 mm) light weight (600 g)
  • Wide Range, Velocity (0.01~+/-32 m/s)
  • Ni-MH battery lasts more than 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Maximum temperature 160°C
  • Probe for pipe sizes from 15-6000 mm (1/2"-240")
  • Magnet built into probe, no need for fixing tools on metal tube
  • The data logger records flow rate, date, total flow, signal status, etc
  • Response time is less than 1 second

Technical specifications of AUF610 Alia Vietnam

Measurement principles : Shipping time difference
Pipe size : Type S: 15-100mm (1/2"-4")
  : Type M: 50-1000 mm (2"-40")
  : Type L: 300-6000 mm (12"-240")
  : HS Type: 15-100 mm (1/2"-4")
  : Type HM: 50-1000 mm (2"-40")
Pipe material : Cast iron, stainless steel, ductile iron
    Copper, PVC, Aluminum, Asbestos
    Fiberglass etc.
Lining material : Tar Epoxy, Rubber, Mortar, Polypropylene,
    Polystyrol, Polystyrene, Polyester, Ebonite,
    Polyethylene, Teflon, vv
Display : 4-line LCD with backlight
Flow : 5 digits with decimal point
total : 8-digit value, forward, reverse and net
Technical unit : 3 , Lít, US Gallon, Imperial Gallon,
    Million gallons, cubic feet, US barrels,
    Imperial barrel, oil barrel
Time unit : Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days
Other : Speed, Date, Time, Signal Status
Accuracy : +/-1%~+/-2% of reading (0.5-30 m/s)
  : +/- 0.5% of reading (Online calibration)
Repeatability : +/- 0.2% of reading
Keyboard : 18 keys with tactile action
Response time : Less than 1 second
Flow velocity : 0,01~+/-32 m/s
Resolution : 0,0001 m/s
Ambient temperature : -40~60°C
Ambient humidity : 90% RH or less
Built-in battery : Pin Ni-MH
Operating time : >10 hours
Charger : 90-260 VAC 50/60 Hz, charging 8-12 hours
Data saving : Operating parameters and totalizer
    figures stored by EEPROM for more information
    more than 10 years
Data logger : Unlimited overrides in 64 columns
    (Including traffic, totalizer, time, date)
Alarm : High/Low with horn
Energy consumption : Less than 2W
Size : 206*100*35mm
Weight : 0,6 kg
Protection class    
Adapter : IP65
Sensor : IP65 (Standard)
  : IP68 (Submersible)


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