Signal converter AST777 Series Alia Vietnam

Introducing the AST777 Series Alia Vietnam signal converter

The AST777 series  is a DTU device for Internet of Things wireless data transmission terminals.

It can be used to connect the serial signal of instruments and meters for wireless transmission. 

With convenient network access, AST777 can be widely applied in industry, agriculture, environment and other fields using wireless transmission.

With the development of the Internet, measurement data can be monitored and analyzed remotely via mobile phones, tablets and computers.

Features of Alia Vietnam AST777 Series signal converter

  • Industrial wireless data terminal with wide signal coverage
  • Stable and reliable, simple and flexible network connection, data transmission delay <1s
  • With providing TTL, RS232 & RS485 communication interface
  • Transfer data between switch and server with integrated TCP/IP protocols
  • Point-to-point and one-to-multipoint data transmission
  • Data terminals have the advantage of being always online
  • Reconnect and restart function after lost connection
  • Support VPN operation
  • Support applications to build users' own systems
  • 128 devices can be online simultaneously

Technical specifications of signal converter AST777 Series Alia Vietnam

Data rate : 300-115200 bps (default is 115200 bps)
Serial port buffer : 10 KB
SIM size : Standard SIM (15*25mm)
Operating frequency : 4G, 3G, 2G
Transmission range : Global frequency band
Communication mode    
GE : Europe, Middle East, Africa, Korea,
    Southeast Asia, India
GA : North America
GV : Verizon USA
GU : Latin America, Australia, New Zealand
GT : Telstra Australia
GJ : Japan
GC : China (except Telecom 2G, 3G)
GH : Hong Kong, Macao
Wireless connector : SMA-K (Women)
Display : RS485 (MODBUS)
  : RS232
  : TTL
Lights : Operating status, error indication
Device : 128 (most)
Data transmission delay : <1 second
Data transmission mode : Point-to-point/one-point-to-multipoint


Power supply : 8-28 VDC
Energy consumption    
Average current : 40 mA@+24V (transmission)
  : 20 mA@+24V (idle)
Working temperature : -20~60°C
Humidity : Max. 90%
Storage temperatures : -30~70°C
Protection class : IP30
Housing materials : Aluminum alloy
Setting : Wall mounted
Size : 92*64*26mm
Weight : 0,2 kg
accessory : AST777
  : Magnetic antenna (1.5 m)
  : Power converter
  : USB cable
Software : Parameter setting software
Function : Parameter management
Operating system : All Windows systems


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