Dec A Sanko Vietnam metal detector

Introducing Dec A Sanko Vietnam metal detector

  • Super durable design (Registered utility model)

  • Easy operation with just the power switch.

  • Superior weight balance for grip and hold over long periods of use.

For security; Security guards discovered dangerous weapons such as knives and pistols

Technical specifications of Dec A Sanko Vietnam metal detector

Detection method

The type of inductance changes

Detection ability

・Iron material (50×50×t2): 11cm
・Aluminum material (50×50×t2): 9cm
・Brass material (50×50×t2): 10cm
・100 Yen, 500 Yen coin: 7 ,5 cm
・Fruit knife (stainless steel 10.5 ) cm): 10cm,
・punch(φ3×L55): 5cm

Detection Area / Passing Width

10×4 cm

Alarm devices

Light/light + horn 2-step conversion

Energy sources

Dry battery LR6 (1.5V) ×2




about 180g


Continuous operating time: 8 hours/day (light/horn warning 10 times): 60 days
When using alkaline batteries.
Varies depending on operating conditions and alarm frequency. Note: detection ability varies depending on material, size, shape, distance, direction, operating conditions of the object.


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