Hygrometer TG 101 Sanko Vietnam

Introducing Sanko Vietnam TG 101 humidity meter

DC resistance type wood moisture meter, easy to operate, mini shaped, digital

  • Measure moisture, control, test and guide all types of materials and wood products.

  • One-touch switching for broadleaf (Hard)/coniferous (Soft).

  • Make quick, easy selection by classifying humidity or dryness with an alarm function

Technical specifications of Sanko Vietnam TG 101 humidity meter

Measurement methods

DC resistor type


6~50% 1~100 (MC mode)

Switch mode

broadleaf trees (Hard), conifers (soft), MC mode

Average value indicator

A maximum of 20 points of the day's average value is displayed on the reading. (OFF to delete)

Screen resolution

0.1% 1 (MC mode)


LCD, hold function, battery residue indicator

Alarm settings

High limit setting 6.5~49.5% / step 0.5 %, optional setting (MC mode) 2 ~ 99/ 1 step, optional setting

Energy sources

Dry battery (LR 03 1.5V)×4, automatic power OFF

Operating temperature

0~40oC (no condensation)


80(W)×35(H)×150(D) mm




carrying case, spare needle, hex wrench


SB mesh electrode, conductive rubber electrode, roller electrode, moisture tester

Small puncture type with 2 needle electrodes


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