Handheld moisture meter MR 200 II Sanko Vietnam

Introducing Sanko Vietnam MR 200 II handheld moisture meter

  • Optional probes correspond to applications for wood, paper, mortar/concrete, etc

  • Large, easy-to-read LC display with compact design.

  • Easily check humidity or dryness with the High/Low limit function.

  • Note: Pictured above is the MR-200Ⅱ with TG-PA probe (optional and ordered separately).

Technical specifications of MR 200 II handheld humidity meter Sanko Vietnam

Measurement methods

DC resistor type


Depending on probe (optional)
TG-PA : for wood 3.5~50%
KG-PA : for paper, cardboard 3.5~40%
PM-PA : for stucco/plaster 0.8~15 %
MC mode (humidity): 1~100

Switch mode

Water content %, water content comparison mode (Moisture)

Average value indicator

A maximum of 20 points of the day's average value is displayed on the reading. (OFF to delete)

Screen resolution



LCD indicator, probe connection indicator, hold function indicator,
High/Low limit indicator, remaining battery indicator

Alarm settings

High/Low limit value setting (either limit can be used)
Optimal numeric value (0.1% step), MC : 2~99 (1 step)

Temperature balance

Automatic temperature compensation (ON or OFF setting)

Energy sources

Dry battery (LR03 1.5 V)×4, Runs non-stop about 30 hours,
Auto power off, Battery residue indicator.

Operating temperature

0-40oC (no condensation)






Bring a briefcase


Probe, humidity tester


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